A few hours deep into the Amazon jungle, we were sitting next to the fire on a land that not long ago was merely a swamp.

A humble abode still under construction, without electricity and light other than a couple of candles and the burning wood flames…

With it, the palpable warmth of an indigenous sage, his wife and children whose smiles and faces transmitted the wisdom and joy of those who’ve found the source of well-being within them.

Regardless of the rough (according to our westerner’s perspective) conditions, I encountered happier people than those who anxiously drown in comfort.

It was late at night when he started sharing about his path and the laws of nature.

“Nature loves order and discipline” he said…
“And she rewards us abundantly when we live accordingly.”

He spoke of the importance of every thought, every emotion, every word and action to be aligned and coherent with the life we want to live.

Because the moment we betray our own values, the moment we shift our direction based on short term pleasure instead of a life-long and affirming path, these are the moments we start a war within ourselves.

To be whole is to live as ONE.
First within us and then without us.

Most of the problems people face can be traced down to a lack of clarity and health.

It’s not easy to know and express who you are when you are living scattered, split into a thousand different directions

“And not only that which starts from within needs attention.” he added…
“Also that which comes from the outside should be carefully chosen…”

He meant the food we ingest, the places and people we frequent, the conversations we partake in and the music and media we consume.

It’s really hard to feel a total sense of peace, alignment and clarity when our inner landscape is riddled with dilemmas, noise, memories and fears.

A deep Cleansing – of the mind, body, space and energies is therefore the starting point to feeling whole.

For the canvas must be clean if a masterpiece is to be painted on it. 🙏🏼

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: