1. Do not label it .🏷️

    People are quick to put themselves into a box.
    I’m anxious, I’m depressed. I’m X, Y & Z.

    You are NOT that!

    In the same way that the boat is not the storm as it is going through it.

    So cut that nonsense out.

    Labeling is your mind trying to understand what it is,
    But you can’t put out fire with fire.

    You must go into your body and your heart – and for this no labels are required.

    Be willing to meet this part of yourself FREE of any assumptions and pre-judgements.

  2. Assume Responsibility. 🔸

    What is taking away your peace of mind may seem external…
    But it is your reaction to that which is bothering you.

    In a recent conversation, a guy told me that “You can’t choose how you react to a situation” and gave me the example of racist slurs.

    I shared with him a few times i had been attacked (phisically and verbally) for being latin and having a darker skin tone or an accent.

    I did not feel anger or hatred towards those people.

    I also didn’t carry resentment nor fear moving onwards.

    I realized that my internal world is mine and 100% of my making.

    And that for someone else to look at me and not being able to help themselves from trying to hurt me, they must have been in a lot of pain.

    So I choose not to add to the collective soup of pain by bringing my own into the mix.

    How you feel is YOUR responsibility, because as long as someone else can push your buttons, you are enslaved to that person’s actions.

    So always check in and ask yourself:

    – Am i consciously responding or compulsively reacting?
    – What part of me felt hurt by this situation?
    – Where’s the rose among these thorns?

  3. Accept your emotions. 😉

    The previous point may seem very far away for some of you in overly complex situations.

    And that’s okay.

    By no means try to rush or force yourself into something that does not feel right (otherwise you’re just bypassing).

    So if assuming responsibility is difficult, the next best thing is to be a loving friend to those emotions.

    Can you allow yourself to feel the way you feel without needing to change anything?

    Let it flow.

    And when ready, let it go.

    (PS: Save for later ♥️)

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