The following are recommendations that I’ve personally tested and found to be conducive to a profound and safe experience.

✅ 2+ weeks of clean and conscious eating:

There’s a lot more on this, but the basics are no meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no sex and no substances and if you are on prescription medicine – reach out to the medicine house and ask for their advice.

Here at Ambi we have an in-house Doctor that provides medical advice as well as emergency assistance should it be required before, during or after the ceremonies.

Some drugs if stopped right away can affect you negatively, some other counteract in a bad way with the medicine. Ask first.

2+ week of clean and conscious thinking:

Food is to your body what information is to your brain.

I have seen a few patients have a VERY dark and borderline traumatizing trip (where they felt they were being attacked and violated by evil spirits).

What they had in common is that the days leading up to the ceremony they were online reading a lot of conspiracy theories and researching a lot of things about the degradation and awful things that are happening in the planet.

There’s a time and place for everything, and before a ceremony it is best to stay away as much as possible from social media, news and television.

You want to focus on your inner work, not have to clean up through a lot of noise and clutter collected from the outside.

White clothes + Comfortable layers

One of my worst personal experiences was due to feeling way too cold and underprepared for the weather conditions of the ceremony.

Some medicine houses and even the jungle can be cold during the early morning and the last thing you want is for your physical comfort to distract you from your internal process.

White clothing reflects all frequencies of light, which ensures that nothing gets “attached” or drawn towards you.

Also, ceremonial clothing should be used only for ceremonies – otherwise they will gather memory from casual activities which may affect your process.


This one is fundamental, have a solid, clear and heartfelt ache to understand and heal a part of yourself.

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