The atmosphere of a space carries within it a certain reverberation.

You have probably noticed that a bar and a library have very distinct energies in them:

One of them makes you want to move, chat, drink and dance, while the other one invites you to be quiet, introspective and study-oriented.

The atmosphere can be felt right away.

When you decide to sit with plant medicine, all of your senses are heightened (and newer ones, woken up)

This increased consciousness is what creates the healing process.

It start to help you see things in a deeper way, outside of your mental limitations and preconceptions.

  • You start remembering things that you did not recall..
  • You start seeing things from a different perspective..
  • You allow yourself to feel and face those areas that remained abandoned within you…

Which is a beautiful, healing journey.

However, plant medicine also makes you super receptive and sensitive to external energies.

Therefore drinking medicine at a place that is often used for other purposes (other than ceremonies and healing) can be dangerous sometimes.

Especially if the place is not cared for properly, there may be leftovers from past energetic imprints

Which then may show up in your visions and have things get messy.

Malokas (or ayahuasca temples) are structures that are built using sacred geometry in a very specific way and then consecrated.

In our medicine community in Colombia, when building the temple, one of the experienced shamans created a few bundles of different leafs and plants, that were then consecrated with special prayers, chanting and mantras.

Once they were ready, we held a ceremony to plant them at the bottom of each pillar (1-2meters under the earth) before the concrete was poured to build the foundations.

So each of the columns of the temple carries within it a very specific energy, with a very specific meaning and symbolism attached to it.

This is to create an atmosphere conducive to clean and safe energetic processes.

You would not plug a 120V toaster into a 5000V power outlet…

The whole thing would explode!

Same can happen (mentally) when using the medicine in the wrong kind of places.

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