Let’s start with this understanding: ⁠

Ayahuasca is a tool.⁠
A very powerful one.⁠

Which, if used in a careless manner, without proper instruction and outside of the right container, will harm you.⁠

Like a chef-grade knife.⁠

You’ll tear yourself apart if you start playing with it.⁠

Now, there are some people that over the years, I’ve noticed end up in a WORSE situation than when they drank the medicine.⁠

Worse mental health, anxiety, re-traumatized, and with their addictions at an all time high.⁠

This is who Ayahuasca is NOT for:⁠

  • People trying to fill up their psychedelic-punch-card with one more substance to their collection of trips.⁠❌
  • People that are just curious and do not have a genuine desire to have a radical transformation in their life.⁠ ❌
  • People who take the pre and post process casually, like it’s not a big deal. ⁠❌


When you treat life as sacred, you experience it as such.⁠
When you treat it as whatever, it treats you as such.⁠
Plant medicine demands respect and if you are careless with using it, she will be careless with you during your trip.⁠

But the BIGGEST point is this:⁠

Ayahuasca will show you the areas in your life that you’ve been too blind to see. ⁠

Those dark corners that need integration and healing.⁠
Those abandoned parts that really require your attention.⁠

The issue is that, if you are not serious about transforming your life, you will be overwhelmed by the things that you may witness.⁠

Because instead of feeling “Wow, yes! I get to clean my inner home.“⁠

You’ll feel “Wow, one more thing to take care of, this is too much, I’m so broken there’s no point to anything.“⁠

Ayahuasca is NOT for those unwilling to take FULL responsibility for their own life.⁠

But for those that are, she will deliver.⁠ ✊🏽🔥⁠


And If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: