When the meal arrived, it was tasty as usual, however something happened…

I had just come back from Colombia extremely sensitive (due to Yoga and plant medicine) and this was my first time in a while eating food that wasn’t cooked by me (or a loved one).

So right after I finished the meal I started to feel a pressing sensation around my throat and heart chakra.

I felt a bit anxious and overwhelmed by sadness/grief – which was odd since I had been feeling great the whole day and nothing had happened.

I assumed it was from working a lot so I decided to meditate – so I closed my eyes and directed my attention to the emotions I was feeling to better understand them.

Right away I had a visual flash of a young male Asian guy fighting and breaking up with his partner, then a flash of the same guy wearing an aprin and working at the restaurant where I ordered my food..

The meditation showed me that the person that had cooked my meal was in a very turbulent state of mind and emotion, and that I had just eaten that.

The pain I felt was his. 😱

My first thought was that I was making it all up in my head, but I tried ordering food from outside a few more times and every time something of this nature would happen.

Then an experience with Ayahuasca re-confirmed it:

Food is a small part of what you eat, the energy and love (or lack of) with which it was made is a bigger portion of the energetic consumption.

I tried then cooking my own food as a ceremonial process (devoted, singing, present) and what would follow would be wild states of bliss, ecstasy, aliveness and tears flowing down my eyes.

On a constant basis I’d feel as if I was high on substances.

So, who makes your food and the energy that they put into it is more important than what you eat.

Even fruits turn into poison if handed to you with anger or bitterness.

Now you know why grandma’s food always tastes good! ☀️🙏🏼☀️

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