Why is it important to drink Ayahuasca in a space where the fire is tended to properly?

It’s simple:

The fire is in charge of purifying all the denser, darker energies that are purged and released throughout the ceremony.

The fire becomes the heart of the ceremony (being the one that cleanses the stream of energies, receiving the heavier ones and giving out light and warmth).

During a ceremony, the fire is built in a very specific way.

Its shape is often one of layered arrows that point towards the part of the temple that requires the most energy – which is The Altar by default.

However, in some ceremonies when there’s someone going through a difficult experience, the shaman may order for the Fire Keeper to rearrange the logs so that the arrow points to that person.

There’s a lot of “behind the scenes” orchestration that happens that patients know nothing of.

People come and drink their brew and come out with a healed mind, heart and body.

They think that the Ayahuasca alone made all of it possible, but it is in fact a conscious arrangement of many different energies through the night.

Like the energy of the fire, it is leveraged to support what the space needs in every moment of the ceremony.

When the intensity of energy is too high, the Shaman may ask to increase the power and flame of the fire to give more energy to the participants.

When the group is in a more grounded and solid state, he may order to lower the flame so that the darkness makes itself known – and that the deeper traumas and energies may be worked out.

Like these, there’s a lot of things that happen that most people don’t pay attention to, but that require wise, experienced space holders.

So be really mindful of where you choose to drink medicine, since a lot of Ayahuasca houses have little or no awareness about the subtle dance of energies that goes beyond just drinking the tea.

And the proper orchestration of these energies is what results in a powerful healing process..
or a nightmare of a night.

📸: @azulejero offering tobacco to the grandfather fire 🔥

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