Through life you may have been taught to shut the door on past experiences.⁠

To let the past in the past. ⁠
To keep your pain to yourself.⁠⁠
To leave your trauma alone and avoid thinking about it.⁠

From a young age, you were silenced any time that you expressed intense emotions.⁠

Told to go to your room perhaps, knowing that parental love and gentleness would be withdrawn if you allowed yourself to fully express your heart in the moment.⁠

So we grow into mildly functional adults,⁠ unable to live a life that is free from chains.⁠

Because shutting the door on something does not make that something go away…⁠

If anything, the monster inside the closet just grows bigger and uglier the longer it stays locked inside.⁠

Until one day you find yourself with an acute mental and/or physical illness.⁠

Anxiety, depression, numbness.⁠ Perhaps even self-hatred.⁠⁠
Chronic illness, cancer, auto immune disorders..⁠

Which are nothing but a sign that whatever you shut behind the door is rotting..⁠. And it’s time to clean up.⁠ 🧹⁠
Ayahuasca is that loving teacher that brings you to those doors that have parts of you locked within them, and holds your hand as you make peace with them.⁠

Memories, emotions, choices, people and events.⁠

Ayahuasca allows you to unpack the black box of the subconscious so you can claim ALL OF YOU back.⁠ And be whole once again.⁠

It is not by shaming, distancing and distracting ourselves away from our past situations that we will find solace.⁠

Peace of mind will ONLY come when you’ve had the courage to look into all of those areas that you have judged, shamed and casted away.⁠ 🙏🏽⁠

And welcome them back with open arms and a feast,⁠ with love and perhaps tears,⁠ for those were parts of you⁠…

Finally coming back into integrity.⁠

That’s what healing does:⁠

It allows you to Re-member who you are.⁠⁠
That means, to put yourself back together.⁠

Are you ready?⁠

It’s a hero’s journey.⁠ <3⁠

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: