And not through manipulation, coercion or popularity contests but by VIRTUE.

What happened to the ancestral wisdom?

The times when a Man or Woman could NOT step into a leadership position without having first reached certain levels of wisdom, integrity, honesty and spiritual depth.

The wisest was the one leading the tribe…

That means, He/She who was the most connected with all of themselves, all of nature and their people was the one best equipped to be in charge.

Today’s politics have turned into nothing short of a circus:

A mere egoic tussle for power, control and influence.

Performed by people who thought it would be a good idea to take care of the world without having first taken care of their heart.
It is about time we demand that our political leaders go through extensive rites of passage.

That they understand the truth of who they are, beyond their race, skin colour, gender, and imaginary nation borders…

That they melt and die to the illusion of separation, experiencing themselves as the trees, the nature they destroy and deplete, the children they starve, they water they pollute.

It’s about time that their heart breaks into a million pieces by feeling the unmet needs of all those who’ve been oppressed and forgotten by society.

Feeling the weight of the responsibility they carry within their own body.

It is time they go through the trials and tribulations that would have them come out more identified with unity than with separation.

Working tirelessly on the side of truth, justice and love instead of greed, deceit and war.
For only a leader who’s done their inner work is truly equipped to lead.

It’s impossible to destroy, use and abuse the other once we see them as extensions of ourselves.

We all act in self-interest, the only difference is how large and inclusive of a β€œself” we experience.

Give a child the wheel of a car and it is bound to crash it..
Not out of malevolence but out of not being ready.

Our leaders are not ready…

And it shows. πŸ”₯ πŸ‘Š

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