Well, before we move forward let me ask you a better question:⁠

What could go right?⁠

⁠We are taught to live in fear and always wonder about “What’s the worst that could happen?” but rarely do we sit on the other end of that question and wonder:⁠

What is THE BEST that could happen?⁠

During a plant medicine journey, if you have taken care of choosing a good shaman, drinking medicine cooked with integrity and served in a proper temple and you have chosen a medicine house that cares for your pre & post process…⁠

Nothing can go wrong.⁠

Even if what you encounter in your journey is scary, you will come out a different person – having faced your deepest fears and healed the most distant parts from within you.⁠

However, what is the best that could happen?⁠

And here I will speak from my personal experience (and that of many of the people that have come to drink medicine with us).⁠

Well, the best..⁠.
⁠That you die.⁠

And you meet God/Source/The creator. (whatever name you give to the universal energy that runs through it all)⁠

And you realize that you are part of that energy, you realize that you’ve never been broken.⁠

That grace has always been available to you, through situations, challenges, people and subtle signs.⁠

You come face to face with God and in that brief (yet eternal) moment, you realize the essence of who you are.⁠

So you are born again..⁠.

With a deeper clarity and understanding of who you truly are, with a clear mind around where your pain has come from and what you need to do to let it go.⁠

The best that can happen is that you lose who you think you are,⁠

Only to make room for a deeper, truer, more aligned version of who you are.⁠

True transformation.⁠

Not through accumulation of something but through letting go of what you are not.⁠

The best that can happen?⁠

That you are given a 2nd chance to live your life in peace, love, truth and bliss… while still alive.⁠

That you reach a point where you know (for good) that no matter what happens moving forward, you are taken care of.⁠

That you come home to yourself, to your Self.⁠


And If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: