Growth and transformation is the only constant in life⁠

And every time you go against it, you generate dis-ease⁠

You stop flowing..⁠. like a river whose waters got stagnant:⁠

  • It starts smelling bad⁠.
  • Brewing bacteria⁠.
  • Killing life within it⁠.
  • Affecting its ecosystem⁠.

The same happens with you and I.⁠

If you are sick (mentally, physically or emotionally) instead of asking “what’s happening?” or “why is it happening?“⁠

Ask yourself:⁠
Where did I stop flowing? Where did my energies get stuck?“⁠

  • And you will find that you stopped moving…⁠
  • Or you stopped speaking your truth..⁠.
  • No longer following your heart..⁠.
  • You stopped doing what mattered to you..⁠.
  • You stopped taking care of yourself in order to please others..⁠.
  • You stopped respecting your time, mind and body..⁠.

And many more!⁠

These are the sources of anxiety, depression, heartbreak, life-crisis, and physical illness.⁠

Because the “disease” is only there to FORCE your attention into that area within you where you got stuck.⁠

It is there to HELP YOU become aware once again.⁠

And to REMIND YOU that you are bigger than that,⁠
That you can come back into harmony⁠, so you can live your best possibilities.⁠

But transformation does not have to happen through hitting rock bottom every time.⁠

A kid only gets a spank when the parent has ran out of ways to help him understand that what she’s doing is not good for her.⁠

And so will you.⁠

So, move forward by choice..⁠.

And DO NOT WAIT until life starts to spank you!⁠

(unless it’s in bed, then I leave it to your personal taste 🤣)⁠

PS: How have you usually grown? ⁠

🥰 Inspiration⁠
or ⁠
😭 Desperation⁠

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