Therefore healthy tension is turned into something to be avoided.

The world is full of people with all kinds of sensitivities, whose lives are so small that their peace of mind and emotional world revolves around every small thing others do and say.

Imagine to live in such slavery:
Where the key to your inner well-being has been freely handed to anyone with something to say…

To still believe that your experience of life depends on what others say or not, the words they use, the political party they support, the God they worship, their stance on masks, vaccines and so on…

Life IS tension.

Think about it!

Child-birth is one of THE MOST tense experiences a human being can go through – and that is the process of life itself.

Building muscles at the gym requires that you put them through enough tension day in and day out.

The same goes for you.

Any life worth living will require that you face a vast amount of tension…

So at the end of the day you only have two choices:

To try and control the world, police what they say and do, the words they use, their beliefs and expression…
And try to force the world into not stepping near your insecurities and sensitivities so you don’t get offended…

Or you can have personal agency.
You can become a sovereign being.
Willing to step into discomfort, willing to embrace conflict and disagreements… forever remembering that you cannot control the world for there’s too many variables…

But that in your inner world only YOU are the variable.

And you can make that a beautiful place.

A place to live in and to live from.

🔥 This is freedom. 🔥

And it is found through embracing those emotions that are difficult to face (within ourselves first and then with others).

And understanding that underneath it all, it is okay.

And you are always bigger than any challenge you face.

Because of it, not in spite of it. 🙏🏼

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