They can take you ‘there‘ but fail to understand how.

It was after one of the most profound Ayahuasca experiences I had that – after talking with the Shaman – I understood two things:

  1. He had been there, to the same place beyond life and death that I had glimpsed into.
  2. He also had no clue or explanation to what to do about that or how to integrate that properly.

These deeper questions brought me back to where my path started: Eastern Mysticism.

🔱 Yoga (and most specifically Sadhguru’s work) became the map through which I understood and put words to things that I had lived that I thought nobody could relate to.

They had specific words for each one of these “spaces” and dimensions of spiritual experience.

But above all:

They have had a map for thousands of years.
They didn’t only know how to drive the car, they knew how to put it apart, tune it up and put it back together.
They had reverse-engineered spiritual practices and the human system.

And it was in that exploration of Yoga (yoga as a process of union, not one of merely stretching and burning sage) that I started understanding how our energies work and exploring that.

My experiences with Ayahuasca right after changed completely:

  • My mind and body were grounded. ✨
  • They were deeper yet more stable. ✨
  • There were less “bad” or “ugly” trips. ✨
  • It was easier to integrate and understand them. ✨

These are just a few of the benefits that intertwining these two paths (Yoga and plant medicine) have brought me.

And this is the reason why in the retreats we organize, we have a solid Yogic practice.

Because not every learning is about talking and listening – the body carries immense wisdom and yoga is a language that allows it to express it.

Through different practices a person’s mind, energies and body are stabilized and prepared to run higher amounts of energy.

Which result in more manageable (yet profound) plant medicine experiences.

A lower shock to one’s nervous system and a higher likelihood of reaching deep places within.

You can walk across the mountain, or you can understand the mountain and get a map – so you can go on your own. 🙏🏼

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: