The truth is that when it comes to your body and your energies, it is important to bring them to a certain degree of integrity.

By integrity we don’t mean morality.
We mean cohesiveness:

You want to be able to listen to your heart’s song as cleanly as possible – without too many distractions.

This is REALLY difficult when your body is in constant sexual connection with many different people.

It is also hard when you put your body through environments that are not supportive of the cultivation of your inner silence.

And even harder when there’s a thousand songs (and mostly noise) playing all day long in your head.

The spiritual process, in essence, has three steps:

  1. Purification of the energies.
  2. Amplification of the energies.
  3. Samadhi (final dissolution).

Step 1 is the reason most sages at some point or another spent long periods of time isolated in nature.

Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Shiva...

Every teacher took time in the forests, mountains and deserts in order to bring their energies to a certain integrity.

(This is also the reason some ascetics decide to go live in caves)

However, for those of us who still desire to remain involved with society and day to day living, it is necessary to practice spiritual hygiene.

You’ve noticed that some foods make you sick and anxious while others make you very clear headed.

What makes you think that putting another person’s energies into your body will not have any impact?

So, before you go and buy crystals and sage and call yourself spiritual, know that the cleansing process starts by discerning what to put into your body and what not.

What food to eat, what people to connect with, what information to digest, what thoughts to have.

Once they’ve been brought to a place of harmony, you WILL listen to your heart’s song loud and clear.
For only a clean container is a container fit to receive FULLY that which is sacred.

And any attempt towards spiritual growth without respecting one’s body is bound to end up in suffering, confusion and overwhelm.

A cherry on a pile of poop does not make it a cake. 🍰💩🍒

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: