3 tips that a lot of people don’t know will help you have a deeper, safer and better Ayahuasca experience!

  1. Build up your energy:
    Whatever is in your system before you go into ceremony is going to find expression, this is why in most places there’s a different diet that is recommended, the longer you can do this the better.

    Some places ask you to do their respective diet for a few days, in our center we recommend at least two weeks, ideally a month or more.

    But in essence the importance of this is that when you come into ceremony, once you become hyper aware, once your consciousness expands it does not expand into something scary, that can happen when you’ve been eating; meat, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and so on.

    So, tip number one, if you want your body to be very clean for a lot of the ecstatic that you build up, the energy around your system, the things that latch on to your aura (if you have an understanding of what this is) then one of the simplest ways to clean up is to spend time in nature, if you can, take cold showers at least for a week before ceremony.

    These showers are to be taken with a bucket/big pot, not a shower head, you load the bucket with cold water and dump it on your forehead all at once.

    When you do this the water touching your body transfers the excess of energy, the ecstatic that you’ve built up from the places you visit, the people you hang out with, your own habits, your ways of thinking…

    If you take showers (cold showers) with a bucket the days leading up to ceremony you will notice that your system is a lot cleaner, I also invite those not attending ceremony to try this out and notice the differences between this and a normal shower!

  2. Eat a lot of melon:
    The day of ceremony and the late days leading up to the ceremony, try eating a lot of melon and honey, these are foods that are very rich in nutrition, also cantaloupe, they’re foods that increase our body’s capacity to handle energy.

    What does this imply? Once you drink Ayahuasca there will already be a higher capacity of your body to deal with the energy and added energy.

    Try having as much cantaloupe, melon and honey as you want for breakfast only, or go one day just eating that, then notice how much your mind, the quality of your thinking and your energy shifts.

    You may sleep very little because your body is so energized so if you go into an Ayahuasca ceremony and you take a spoon of organic honey or if you eat a lot of cantaloupe melons you will see that your ceremony will go a lot deeper.

  3. Working with your body (Hatha yoga):
    Maybe the most important and overlooked one, working with the body, our body is like an appliance ruled by physical laws, like a toaster that can handle 120 Volts, plugged into a current of 5000 Volts, the toaster would explode unless it’s properly grounded and it’s capacity to run electricity has been increased.

    Same thing happens when you hear of people that literally lost their shit, they vomit all over themselves, they had an overwhelmingly bad trip.

    What happens is that the amount of Ayahuasca they drunk, the amount of energy that went into their system was beyond what their system was ready to process and therefore they fried their system for the night, it doesn’t have negative effects if it’s done in a safe place but it can be an overwhelming and unpleasant experience, especially for the mind.

    So, the most efficient and long-lasting way of increasing our body’s capacity to run high amounts of quality energy through it is Hatha yoga, if you’ve never done yoga or even if you’ve done it I invite you to do it at least once a day; 15, 20 minutes or even better, a whole hour.
    Look up Hatha yoga on Youtube or if you can attend a local class then even better – and you will notice that you can go into a deep place without feeling so overwhelmed, you can go deep inside your heart, inside your soul, inside that which you want to experience through Ayahuasca without losing it, you can feel safe, confident and comfortable in an experience that can otherwise be extremely overwhelming for most people.

To summarize:

  • Eat cantaloupes, melons and natural/raw honey they help to increase the amount of energy in your system.
  • Take cold showers, especially with a bucket since it will help you cleanse yourself, it’s really, really good and quick, no need to sit under the shower for a long time, one or two buckets and you will feel refreshed.
  • Do Hatha Yoga, work with your body, especially if you can be in nature that’d be even better, this will help you have a deep and safe Ayahuasca experience!

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