Tips and tricks for Ayahuasca ceremonies to go very, very deep.

I’ve done a lot of ceremonies over the past few years, the people that i work with have probably done hundreds if not thousands of ceremonies as well.

These are some men that i admire and in conversation with them and through my own practice, exploration and study, i found out a few things that can make your ceremonies a lot deeper, different, a little more meaningful and useful.

  1. Sit down:
    A lot of medicine houses they’ll give you a mat or they’ll give you a hammock or they’ll give you space where you can really lay down and be comfortable.

    That’s beautiful and very cozy, but you’ve been sleeping a third of your life and you’ve come to drink medicine, not to fall asleep.

    It happens very, very often, the number one reason people don’t connect is because they fall asleep, second reason is they don’t prepare well.

    Imagine that God is coming to your place, somebody tells you: “Hey, God is going to walk into your home” so what do you do?

    You start cleaning your house, when it comes to it you’re sitting properly, you’re attentive, there’s an active posture to receive whatever that energy might bring into you.

    You wouldn’t wait for God hunched or half asleep, it would not come.

    Tip number one, as much as you can, always remain in a sitting position, spine erect is the best.

    There’s a lot of reasons for this, in yoga, they’ve studied that the spine is the structure through which we receive all the input from our body, our nervous system, externally.

    When the spine is compressed, we close down our ability to receive things from the universe, from the cosmos, from nature, if your spine is comfortably erect then you’re more likely to connect in an easier way.

  2. Position of your palms:
    I invite you to do this experiment as you’re watching/reading this.

    You’ll sit comfortably, spine erect, and we’re gonna do one big inhale and one big exhale, now with your palms facing down, take a few breaths.

    Whenever you’re ready, shift your palms upwards and take a couple of extra breaths.

    If you paid enough attention, there’s a shift that happens in your lungs, as you breathe, there’s more air that can be received.

    When your palms are facing upwards, your energy is also more still, when they’re facing down, in essence, your palms facing up put you in a more receiving mode, it allows you for a fuller breath and fuller flow of energy.

    When your palms are facing down it grounds you, it connects you, allows the energy to move through your legs into the earth.

    Tip number two, be mindful of the position of your hands, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, place your hands down or hold them intertwined, this completes a circuit and creates balance.

    If you want to sit with your hands intertwined or facing down, that will ground you if you’re having a very overwhelming experience.

    If your experience is too soft and you feel like you can’t understand or get anything, palms upwards.

    You will see that the information starts coming in.

  3. Clear Intention:
    Your intention is really, really important, even if you’ve done this many times.

    It’s important for you to have a clear intention, because as the medicine kicks in you’re already surfing a wave of exploration and it will usually take you in that direction before he shows you something else.

    From the moment that you go up to the Shaman and you drink your cup, have an intention and give thanks for the realization of that intention as you drink the cup.

    Your intention is to gain deeper clarity around your relationships, as you drink the cup you think and feel: “Thank you Ayahuasca, for bringing clarity and connection in my relationships.” And you drink it.

    You stay with that feeling, you sit down and you start reflecting on this, a lot of people drink the brew and get distracted because it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in.

    They see it and they’re looking around; Who else is drinking? Where’s my friend? Is somebody else feeling anxious?

    They start moving, they start drinking water, they’re just thinking did they connect? Did they hear me? Should i go to the bathroom? At what time am i leaving tomorrow?

    There’s many thoughts that come, most people wait until the hour has passed and the medicine kicks in/connects with them to focus on their journey.

    What this does is that it creates a very rough experience where you’re distracted and suddenly boom, you’re in a different depth of experience, this can be overwhelming, however…

    If you sit down and from that moment you focus on your intention: “I want to connect better in my relationships” “I want to have more clarity in them.”

    You start exploring them; Why am i asking that? Well i feel a bit frustrated about my girlfriend… Why is that? Because she’s not the way that i want her to be – Oh, so im trying to control her perhaps? What is it that i don’t like? – Oh she’s too violent, volatile… What does this remind me of? My mother was like that…

    See, you start doing an exploration, the medicine is already within you, if you pay enough attention from the moment you drink the cup, you have a connection but it’s very subtle, however, if you start going through this process of self-inquiry, meditation.

    You will see that you start having soft insights, and as the medicine starts kicking in, it takes you in a way where that gets amplified, more and more clear.

These are the 3 best trips and tricks that i’ve found that will allow you to make the most out of a ceremony..

  • Sit properly: You come here to do some work, be proactive about it, only when the sun comes up, when the ceremony is over, you lay down. Other than that you’re here to learn, you’re here to grow, you’re here to receive something that is sacred, do not receive it in a slouched position.
  • Be mindful of the placement of your hands: They may close you down, same with your legs, they may close you down or they can open you up to a fuller, deeper experience.
  • Clear Intention: Surf that intention on your own before you take the medicine and as soon as you take it, so the takeoff is a lot more smooth. If you do it like this very often what you want is the first thing that is addressed during the ceremony, the plant will give you what you need but for a lot of people – because they’re distracted, the plant gives them what they need and some questions that they came with remain unanswered, you want to take care of both because… why not?

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: