Why should i drink Ayahuasca if i can smoke DMT crystal that my friend made and go straight for the “juice”?

If Ayahuasca has DMT why not just take DMT instead of paying money, vomiting, purging and traveling to South America?

I’m sharing this from my personal perspective and opinion having tried Ayahuasca and DMT.

DMT felt like strapping myself to a rocket and blasting out of everything that i considered to be real, it lasted about 20, 25 minutes and i came back thinking, “What the f…?” then i came back wondering about the insanity of what i lived, what i experienced and in a way feeling like i had just woken up from a dream, or into a dream perhaps.

DMT is a profound medicine, one that is very hard to integrate because of how dense it is, it’s like cramming way too much information in a brain that is so limited by its physical nature, coming back from a DMT trip feels like you can barely grasp it.

It’s fading away through your fingers, it’s like waking up from a dream that you’re barely remembering while you’re in it, perhaps for me at least, it’s been one of the most intense experiences, it can be quite overwhelming, the mind cannot comprehend it, grasp it.

Ayahuasca can also be all of that, however, it’s usually spread out over a few hours.

This means that you have a part of your mind that is a bit more present more engaged so as you’re watching the movie of whatever the medicine is showing you there’s a part of you that remains conscious enough to recall it, to be able to journal about it, to be able to reflect, to wonder.

Okay, what did i see? What did i feel? What can i do about it?” instead of having a movie being injected into you over 15 minutes you have a few hours of more of a “character development/plot twist” elaboration, peak combination of the storyline-conclusion and landing, whereas DMT is like all of the storyline, beginning-end-middleplot, everything packed into one punch.

DMT is a powerful medicine which i suggest you do under professional supervision, it’s not to be toyed with as with any psychoactive substance.

It is great if you tend to be very materialistic or if you believe that there’s nothing more to life than what the five senses can tell, it will give you a reality check or maybe a lack of reality to check us, it will show you that there’s way more to life than what you see it will give you a direct tangible experience into the spiritual world.

It’s quite overwhelming and hard to integrate because it’s sold in fast and quick, Ayahuasca on the other hand has, in my experience, a better track record of helping people heal and understand through things, because it allows for their mind to remain active, it allows for us to be spectators of a movie, to reflect about it, to cry tears, to scream, to enjoy, to smile, it allows us to still play a part it doesn’t shatter the mind as DMT does.

Although it can if you’re very sensitive, it might happen and that may be positive, usually it’s more of a an elder wise guide holding your hand and teaching you about your life, helping you heal things whereas DMT is very strong, powerful but very overwhelming.

Great medicine if you think only the physical world exists, by all means, try it in a safe place and it may open up your mind, realizing that there’s more to life, however, if your intention is to take a medicine that is gonna support your journey of transformation, especially if it’s around trauma healing, past memories and so on i would say Ayahuasca provides a better, more paced approach that is easier to digest and to implement back into your life.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: www.ayahuascacolombia.com/retreats