How do i know if Ayahuasca is calling me?

If you’re wondering about this, then it is calling.

Ayahuasca is not something that comes into every person’s life and very often, as you start hearing about it, you start seeing it everywhere.

Your friend mentions it, it’s what a person that you met talks about, now you saw this blog/video anywhere, somebody else writes about it, now you read a documentary of how it’s being legalized, used for therapeutic purposes.

These are a lot of subtle ways in which life starts bringing within your field of experience the concept, the idea, the curiosity about plant medicine.

How do i know if it’s calling me? If it’s coming to your field of experience, it is calling you.

Usually the question or the moment that people make this question – it’s not about them not feeling the calling but it’s about them facing their fears around coming here, there’s a lot of doubts, thoughts, procastination and concerns for a good reason.

It makes sense, it’s not something that people do all the time, it’s one of the strongest psychoactive substances in the world and it can be one of the strongest experiences for a human being, this is why for a lot of people it becomes life changing.

Their life turns into a before and after i drank Ayahuasca, so it makes sense that you have concerns, fears.

But what is there to doubt? It’s not the calling, because the calling is clear, especially if you’re reading/watching this blog/video, what there is to figure out is; Are you ready?

If you’re ready, what’s holding you back? If you’re not ready, why not?

Ayahuasca has cured. Over at our temple we have worked with thousands of people over the years.

They have healed themselves from different addictions, autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses, they have reconnected and found a deep sense of spirituality, not the one that religion sold them but one that comes from their heart.

They have given up their fear around pursuing those projects that are dear to them, they have embraced the fullness of who they are, they have faced death and found themselves in the process, they have experienced what death is like.

Therefore, they can come back and fully live, they have healed trauma from their childhood, they have forgiven people that wronged them and asked for forgiveness to those they have wronged.

Ayahuasca has helped probably millions of people around the world to move from compulsion into consciousness, from a life of disconnection and destruction into a life of conscious action, a life of impact, love and fulfillment.

Of course, some people have had a rough time in some places.

It is practiced in a way that is not safe and some people have suffered because of it, however, if you choose a place where the medicine is prepared in a clean way and the Shamans have integrity and where you’re taken care of in both your preparation and integration process…

If you take care of all of this, the experience that you have with Ayahuasca, whether enjoyable or a little bit challenging, will be one that shapes you and changes you for the better.

It will be one that you will look back on for maybe the rest of your life and see as one of the best gifts that you could have given yourself.

How do i know if plant medicine is calling me?

If you’re reading/watching this blog/video, it is calling you.

The question is why are you hesitating? What are you waiting for? How much longer do you want to remain in this place that you are stuck in right now?

You’ve been in this place for a while now and that’s why you’re trying and seeking, that’s where life is putting in front of you some tools that can get you unstuck.

Maybe you believe that doing the same thing you have been doing – that somethings gonna change, i’m here to tell you that it might, but chances are that you won’t.

Because doing the same things will lead to the same results you have had in your life, although, they may be great, yet they’re quite not it, there’s something missing, unexplainable, longing for something else.

In this, Ayahuasca can help, but for this you have to get out of your own way.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: