Is Ayahuasca a magic cure for everything?

Will it solve: my anxiety, my depression, my relationship problems, my money issues, my health conditions, my confusion around my purpose, my partner?

Will i become enlightened?

The answer is NO, Ayahuasca is a great teacher, and a teacher is as good as the amount of homework the student is actually ready to do.

You can get a guitar teacher, you can get the most proficient, genius guitar player in the world.

But if you never practice guitar, it won’t mean that he’s a bad teacher, but will you become any better? Probably not.

I’ve met a lot of people that have drunk Ayahuasca hundreds of times, their lives are a little bit better than when they started.

But i see them year after year, stuck in very similar places, similar karmic loops, cycles of repetition, patterns of fear, insecurities, worries.

I first though: “Oh, maybe this medicine is not as good as people say it is, why is this person drinking so often yet still stuck in the same place?

I also realized through some more participants, through myself, through one of the men that i mentor privately – his life was changed quickly, a day and night process of total destruction and rebirth of who he was and is.

I thought: “This guy really changed, i want to talk with him,” it didn’t take very little, he received just as much homework as visions and guidance from the medicine.

But he took great care integrating it, he would come home and write down in his journal the experiences he’d go through, different process that we came up with together or that he developed by himself.

To follow through on the things he had seen, the things he had learned about himself, about life.

He would implement the lessons, he wasn’t sure how to implement them before coming and drinking medicine.

He was a perfect student, he was a fruit that was ripe, ready to sprout into its most beautiful and sweet expression.

But i’ve also seen people that have come, had overwhelmingly beautiful and sacred experiences with Ayahuasca, yet their lives actually spiraled downwards.

Afterwards, some of them would message me months later or i would reach out to check in with them.

I’d sense a little bit of bitterness, resentment towards me, towards the medicine, towards the process.

They felt that it brought them to a lower place. In conversation, i’ve realized that, actually, it brought up all the nonsense, the bullshit they were not ready to face, to heal.

It turned the lights on, on a room that was very messy and they refused to clean up.

When you realize that you’re tripping over your life but you can’t see why you’re tripping, why your house smells so bad, then you figure out that something needs to change.

Because you don’t see what’s happening, your home doesn’t feel like a home, you drink Ayahuasca, do Yoga or go on a spiritual journey and when these things turn the lights on you realize how you’ve spent 30+ years accumulating a lot of stuff.

Your house is cluttered with so many things that are smelling bad, it’s overwhelming, it probably creates a little bit of anxiety to see so much chaos within you.

Before, at least it was hidden in the shadows, but right now you have a chance to clean it, because you have seen it.

This was the homework for the person i was mentoring.

He decided he saw all that needed to be cleaned up and he was disciplined cleaning it up, so his life transformed drastically in a very fast pace.

The opposite also happened. There was a guy that saw a lot of mess, chaos, old trauma, all habits and addictions that came up.

It started resurfacing and he just felt that he was better when he was a little numb, disconnected, when at least he didn’t remember about that thing that had happened.

Which is another way of saying that he saw his house was very dirty, the emotions overwhelmed him, they overtook him and now he had to sit and still live in a house that was dirty and smelled bad, but now he could see it.

When a person can see what needs to be changed and doesn’t change it, then new addictions come up, more anxiety, depression.

Because you gotta numb yourself, dim the lights once again to pretend that it isn’t there.

Ayahuasca is NOT a magic cure, it’s an incredible teacher, and if you’re willing to do the work your life will be transformed within a weekend, i promise you that.

It’s a teacher that will give you the right push in the right direction of cleansing your body, releasing a lot of things, helping you through a lot of stuff.

In the end, you have to do the work, so ask yourself this:

Am i ready to do the work?” If yes, let’s do it.

If not, learn to accept and love your life the way that it is.

One day when you feel ready to honor your dreams more than your fears, ready to take a bold step, turn the lights on and seeing what needs to be dealt and cleaned within your body, your mind, and heart.

Then that day you’ll be ready to drink Ayahuasca.

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