When we think about purpose, we think about a mission, something to do, something that feels right, aligned.

Take a look at nature, we don’t see dogs, birds, snakes, tigers, ants or trees stressed about what their purpose is, trees are being the best tree they can be, so is the grass, so is the dog.

They know what they want to do next and they do it – there’s not a lot of dissonance between their consciousness and their actions.

But for us humans, we are equipped with a bigger brain that sometimes hurts us because we don’t know how to manage it, so now we have doubts; Should i be doing this? Should i be doing that? Should i quit my job? Should i do something else?

I’m unhappy with my work“, “I don’t know what i would do if i was free from all the choices i have made around my career“, maybe with your business or the ones you work for.

Take a look at your life, it has always been a series of concentric purposes. When you were a kid maybe your biggest dream/mission was to get the latest toy or to go and play with your friends, as you grew up and went to school maybe you wanted to excel at certain subjects, once you graduated from school then you would want to spend time with your friends.

To be popular with the boys/girls. That was part of what people do with life; choosing an university, career or thinking about what you wanted to do with your life – people go on and on, then choosing a job, then the right job, then the right partner, getting married, having children, aging properly, choosing the right kind of fitness, nutrition…

If you look at it, there’s not such a thing in the universe as a place of “arrival” other than the process itself, so let’s give up this idea that God/The source of creation is gonna come and tell you: “Hey, your job is to write books for the rest of your life – your job is to collect stones – your job is to do taxes – to do accounting for this law firm, it’s your purpose!” for example.

It will feel kind of limiting no matter what it is your purpose in life is.

To be president of this country, you do it for 4 years and then what? You get the point.

A purpose is only useful as it provides a direction in which you seek to expand, but once you fulfill it, you want something else. When we ask ourselves what is our purpose and “Can Ayahuasca help me?“, what we really want to work with is a sense of misalignment and confusion, we don’t want someone to tell us the answer of what to do with our lives because that would be stepping over our free will.

That would take away the mystery, the excitement, the journey – it would spoil “The movie“, in a sense.

However, what we want to heal is that sense of anxiety, confusion, stagnation, fear and doubt. We don’t want to feel stuck and we don’t know what to do – so we’re seeking for an answer outside of us but in reality what we want to work with is getting to a place of clarity, and it’s not the clarity around “Why was i born“, although that can happen, but it’s mostly a clarity around what’s the next best thing to do.

How can i take the next step?” In a way that is gonna nourish me and my future self. The best step forward…

So, Ayahuasca can help us with this because clarity is “natural“, it’s of nature.

Nature is not confused; the sun does not worry about whether to rise, in what direction, what to do. The earth is not thinking every day; “Am i spinning fast enough?” “Am i too slow?” “Should i go the other way around?

Nature has its own rhythm, some pace its own direction, we are part of nature! And therefore we have it too, but we disconnect from it through upbringing, trauma, numbing, substance abuse, many things. Ayahuasca helps us clean our system, our mind, our way of feeling.

We can see clearly our life and what we want to do with it, we may develop deeper appreciation for this energy, realizing that we are part of creation, and that was given to us.

And when you appreciate something, you want the best for it – when you love something you want to do the best that can be done, if you love your life you will not waste it, therefore, the choice of what to do with it, depending on your preferences, skills, capabilities, opportunities, resources could shift.

Not doing something meaningful with your life often comes from being disconnected from how valuable it is, Ayahuasca can help us come back to that point in which our purpose/next step is evident and easy to take, not overwhelming or anxiety inducing.

He can help you with your purpose, can help you choose, see your next step and overall it can help you remind you of your natural rhythm, your own pace, your own direction!