What’s the difference? Should i take one if i’ve taken the other? Do mushrooms help me prepare for an Ayahuasca trip? Can i take them right before?

If you’re asking this question, it’s because you probably have tried Mushrooms, LSD or another psychoactive substance already and you’re curious about what the difference is, i’m having nice trips, interesting reflections, why should i take something else?

I can go quite deep with mushrooms and I feel at home with them so why to drink Ayahuasca?

I find Mushrooms in cow’s shit and my friend gives them to me…

Why pay a few thousand dollars to go to South America and have a Shaman tell me what to do? What do you need a Shaman for if your friend can sell you the things and you just eat them, press play on your playlist and have a good time.

Well, it’s not so simple.

Take this from someone who spent several years exploring mainly with Mushrooms, that was the first medicine that i came in contact with and that i used, let’s say, in the wrong way or in an unconscious way.

I tried micro dosing, I tried heroic doses, i had very beautiful meaningful trips, i had trees where i was close to killing myself jumping off of the balcony of 17th floor.

So, I understand you, i’ve had beautiful experiences, very ugly ones, life-changing ones, and also ones that were life-threatening and this is what i learned in relationship to Mushrooms and Ayahuasca.

Mushrooms are a medicine that, if you’re familiar with yoga, with the chakras – blasts your energy out of your crown, quite often Chakra heightens your energy, your perception and if you go deep enough a it brings you to place of non-duality, a place where you are one, you realize you are the same energy that runs through the trees, through the oceans, through the mountains.

It can be very beautiful for a lot of people that i know including myself, Mushrooms were the the gateway “medicine.

Into realizing that the same energy runs through all of it to all of us, you’re god – here’s the problem, you go, you realize there was never anything wrong or broken about you, nothing to heal because you are perfect and you feel your heart expand, then you start coming down and your heart closes down, you forget you’re “god“.

You remember the concept that is not embodied, you don’t know it fully because you don’t “keep it“, you don’t “keep” that experience because you got it through means that were not of your own merit, in a way, and the experience that a lot of people have with Mushrooms is that they will have very profound, intellectual or conscious altering journeys but when they come back it’s very hard to integrate them.

What do i do with my life knowing that i am “God” now? I come back into a body that is riddled with illness, with anger, with frustration, with maybe resentment and confusion.

That’s one of the things Mushrooms can give you, a glimpse into your true nature.

But quite often it becomes a source and a method of bypassing your human experience and this is the main difference between Mushrooms and Ayahuasca Ayahuasca was explained to me once by a friend, he pulls you deeper into the flesh, into your human experience, it can also show you that place beyond duality, a place of oneness, that place of our inner “God” nature, it can take you to the same places and deeper than Mushrooms.

However you will not do so while bypassing your humanity, this is why Ayahuasca quite often will make you purge, it will make you face your traumas, your darkness, your fears. before it can take you there.

Because it is preparing you, preparing your body, your mind and your heart to actually open up gradually (or sometimes not so gradually) into higher consciousness.

With Mushrooms you come back into the body and the mind that you left, now you have a different perspective, a different experience. This can be enough to trigger a desire to change, a curiosity, a drive, an intention for something different.

It can be the beginning of your journey as it was for me, however, Mushrooms alone are rarely a good medicine, especially when they’re used recreationally, when there’s not a Shaman involved, when there’s not a sacred setting other than you and your friends in a cottage, with a playlist – that’s not a sacred setting.

Ayahuasca on the other hand, through the purging – actually cleanses your body from everything that is dense, from the physical parts that remain stuck within you, from past experiences, past lovers, places you visited karmic imprints,

In my experience, Mushroom trips most of the time were very beautiful, heart opening.

But i eventually came back to the place from which i left.

Ayahuasca experiences in proportion were a lot rougher (most of the time but not always), but in contrast to Mushrooms they implied more healing, deeper work, and so on.

But every time, i came back to a little bit of an upgraded mind, body and heart than from the moment that i took the medicine.

Why? Because i had actually let out of my system things that were weighing me down.

If you try Mushrooms, they’re probably a good introductory medicine and if you’re not a stranger to the psychedelic state, the Ayahuasca state is quite different, but if you can relax your mind with Mushrooms you can probably use the same skills of breathing, relaxing, posture and so on during your Ayahuasca journey.

However, know these Mushrooms blast you out into oneness and sometimes that’s hard to integrate, Ayahuasca pulls you into your humanity, it allows you to embrace your fear, your confusion, your desire, your pain. It allows you to understand it, to distill the lesson, and then to rise above.

I find that Mushrooms for me made me bypass a lot of things that were not healthy, Ayahuasca makes me face everything that is not healthy.

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