⚔️ Disconnection
📈 Mindfulness
💙 Liberation

  • Disconnection ⚔️

This is when he operates from a place of pain, ego and trauma.

Men in this phase are enamoured with money, muscles, toys, a big ass and big boobs, fame, status and addiction (Work, sex, drugs and so on…)

Basically, he is operating from a “Never enough” and “Not good enough” state.

Therefore there is always something (or someone) more to achieve in the seeking of a forever-eluding joy

  • Mindfulness 🧠

This is when he realizes how futile all of the above was and starts doing the inner work.

Men in this phase start gaining emotional awareness, tend to go to therapy, move towards healthier and conscious movement practices, care for their body and their mind.

Now he operates from a “Change must come from within” frame.

Better than the first one, and substantially healthier and more refined.

However, this is still moving from a place of “The next thing” and a desire to achieve.

The toys and the fame were switched for “More mindfulness“, “Being more conscious“, being “More grounded” and so on…

He may see his life turn around but may still miss out on fully being able to enjoy it because he keeps postponing his fulfilment.

He has turned himself into a never-ending self-development project.

  • Liberation 🔱

He recognizes that the “Seeking” has to stop.

That there’s more to life than the next level.

And that no outer or inner accomplishment will ever set him free.

Here, he is ready to be broken open as a Man.

He is ready to give it all up:

– The chase.
– The mindfulness.
– The seeking itself.

Here’s where he must be willing to let go of the carefully curated identity of who he is…

Especially those parts that have worked so well to get him where he is at today…

To let it all go

In hopes (and mostly trust) that there’s something bigger at the end of the tunnel.

A metaphorical leap of faith.

Where only by losing all that he thought he was,
he stands a chance at finding who he TRULY IS.

So, brother, where do you stand?

Are you ready to take the leap?

The Rebirth Experience is open once again.

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