Here’s an important distinction that a lot of people miss/get confused about.

Most of the people that i’ve worked with, most of my students too, get frustrated when they don’t feel happy.

100% of the time they say:

Oh, this is not working

I’ve done so much inner work, taken so many workshops. yet i feel sad/bad today. Why can i not be happy 100% of the time?

So i remind them that the goal of the spiritual journey is NOT to be happy, it is to be free.

To be whole aswell.

Happiness and freedom are two different things, because a person that must feel happy all the time is not very free.

They’re ensalved to everything working out in their favor so that they can feel fulfilled.

They’re no different than the person who is committed to their depression and anxiety, they’re ensalved to it, they do not see their life moving forward in a different way.

So, what’s the point then of all the spiritual growth, self-practices and self-development?

Let’s say, an immature sense of self-development (which is what you see around online) is aiming for you to be happy all the time, to be joyful.

It’s nonsense, because now that you cannot feel happiness – if you “maintain” this, in a certain way, it is possible, so that it becomes a constant.

But more than seeking happiness, can you make peace with, embrace and welcome the difficult emotions?

At the end of the all that exists is: comfortable and uncomfortable mental and physical situations, that’s all it is.

There are comfortable emotions and uncomfortable ones.

Running away from one and towards the other is going to have you going “zig-zag“, back and forth.

However, when you accept the whole spectrum, you become free.

And bliss is only available through this freedom, I believe that it can be present in the moment of deepest pain.

But also in that moment of deepest love, deepest joy.

The purpose of a spiritual journey is not to be happy, it is to be FREE.

Free from the attachment of having to be happy all the time.

Freedom means that you can navigate both the serene waters of life with the same joy, involvement and openness as you navigate the darkest storms.

Freedom means that you are willing and open to receive all of life, and all of life has light and darkness, comfort and discomfort, positive and negative experiences.

That’s the beauty of it.

Please, I invite you to stop chasing a juvenile expression and form of spirituality, thinking that you have to be happy the whole time.

I’m not saying you should be miserable, by no means.

It’s worth mentioning that this is my personal experience.

The less you chase happiness, the more you become okay with the current moment of sadness, frustration, anger.

The moment that you befriended these emotions, these parts of you, it becomes like someone that has a message to give you.

They come and knock in your door, yet you keep ignoring them, they’re gonna have to knock louder and louder and louder, also for longer.

Because they really have a message, and you must listen to it.

However, if the first time they knock, you open the door, sit down and chat with them, then they’ll be gone.

Maybe they’ll have a message another time, which you listen to, and finally they’ll walk out.

A day comes when they have shared everything they have to share with you, so they no longer come knocking at your door.

Emotions are like this, life’s situations are like this.

The moment that you’re at peace with the discomfort that may be present is the moment you become free.

And when you are free, bliss is inevitable, happiness tends to be very dependent on our external situations.

For most people, happiness is a flaky elusive sensation.

Freedom, however, is a very solid foundation upon which you can build your life, because you know that whether it is sunny, dark or cloudy.

Whether people are kind to me or they’re uneasy and difficult, then it is in my hands to surf, to navigate life however I choose to.

There is no situation I reject nor cling to, there is no emotion that I despise, judge nor crave.

In this freedom, we can actually become fully equipped and able to experience life as it is, not as we would like it to be.

And this is the greatest joy that a human being can experience, the peace that comes from no longer being afraid nor attached to something.

Thank you.

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