Can i see God in everything that happens in my life from the moment i wake up? Can i thank that energy/source of creation for giving me another day of life? Before i go to sleep can i thank that i had another day of life and pray that i get another one?

A lot of people don’t wake up, when i drink some water, when i eat a meal.

Can i thank the source of creation for keeping me alive a few more days?

When i see someone that i can help…

Thank you God/Creation/Source of the universe for giving me the tools, the capacity and the sight to know there’s a problem and to be able to solve it.

Let’s say you work for somebody else, can you thank the universe that somebody decided to start that company and to hire you – pay you well?

The relationships with God shoulnd’t be ones of asking or demanding for stuff.

Because you’re just going to ask, from your limited ego whatever you want – you like women, you want more women, you want tits you want big tits, you like money you want more money, you like power you want more power.

I think if God/Source of creation/The creator was so smart and intelligent to create such a beautiful experience.

We wouldn’t come to that energy demanding, thinking we know better, we come there empty-handed, demanding the best, even with devotion and appreciation we take it.

Through our day, you look at a tree, you see God, you look at the person in the convenience store, you see God, you look at your client, you see God, you look at your boss, you look at a woman’s beautiful body, you see God.

This is a way in which we start developing a deeper relationship with the sacred, not by thinking that God is when i pray. God is when i meditate, God is when i drink plant medicine.

God is in everything that i do.

Can i cultivate or can i make this a moment-to-moment experience through the music that i listen to, the way i speak, the way that i walk, can everything be an offering to something higher?

The deepest possible leadership is when theres nothing left of you inside and you become an empty instrument of action for the will of creation.

I can tell you that it has been in those moments in my life when i’ve been able to reach a place of deep stillness, where my mind and my ego were put on the side, that i was the most effective in leading people, supporting them.

I was the most loving and the most present to the woman that mattered to me, it was in those moments where there was an upsurge of life, energy flowing through me, which was very blissful.

Those are the moments where we get a real sense of arrival.

Everything else is just spinning, the hamster wheel, spinning our own wheels.

But only when we’re able to surrender and let go of our very limited thinking and embrace maybe something bigger.

Only then can we be free, because we want freedom, but we sometimes don’t know that what we want to be most free from is our own selves.

That does not come through suicide, it does not come through self-hatred, it comes from reaching a point of bliss, such an internal fire that there’s nothing left from us.

It comes from letting go and letting that grow.

Not from women, not from money, not from achievements, not from helping people – that’s nice, it’s fun, it’s part of the game.

But this is in essence what we’re trying to move towards.