There’s a few things that I personally look for when seeking for a teacher/mentor/guide of sorts.

To make sure that the people that im connecting with, and trusting, are leading me to a good place.

The first thing I notice is how their life’s message/work speaks volumes for them, and they do not need to claim to be X or Y title.

A lion does not need to roar for other animals to know hes a lion.

If you look at someone and the way they live their life, that’s all you’d need to know.

My personal experience is that people who are very advanced down the path of spirituality, being in their presence makes you feel more free, when you’re with them you get to be more like yourself.

You forget about all the nonsense that goes through your head, you feel a desire to love, you feel more loved as well. You don’t feel like you have to pretend or prove yourself to them, because you feel that at the other side there is somebody looking at you without expectations.

They do not seek anything from you therefore they see you with love.

Do they seem like they’re caugh up in who they are, their job, their gender, or do they seem to reside in a place a lot deeper. A layer much more profound than all of this.

Because they seem to operate from egoic desires or from their soul.

If you’re curious about the degree of connection a person has with themselves, look at their life and inspect the fruit of their labor.

Are they impeccable in the way they move, sit or speak?

Or are they careless with their words, do they listen and pay attention when you’re talking to them or do they seem distracted because they’re out to get something that you’re not giving them. So they seem ruled by their consciousness or their compulsions.

  • How do they smile?
  • How do they laugh?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they do on their free time?
  • How do they do it?

In Japan, theres a spiritual practice where the whole ritual is to try and serve tea in the most impeccable way possible, serving tea as a path to enlightenment.

An enlightened person, when you look at them doing many things, they tend to be very active in the world, and there’s a lot of things being done, but nobody else is doing them.

It’s the force of nature of the creator, flowing through them and expressing itself in an impeccable way.

It doesn’t mean that this person does not have an ego, we all need one, to be in this reality we need an identity, they can still have their personality.

But where we choose to act from is up to us.

Dont listen to the charlatan that goes around convincing you that they are enlightened, who claims to be “woke” while everyone else is not. Being in their presence makes you feel mistrust, fear.

Be careful what they plant, what flowers sprout around them

Are they a sign of profound spiritual process, or of lies?

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