Let me explain⁠…

Your focus should be on embodying the kind of partner that you want to be.⁠

Not on placing unrealistic expectations on your potential partners and who you have arbitrarily decided they should be for you.⁠

Standards are necessary⁠⁠,
But they start WITHIN you⁠.

  • Do you relate to all of you as sacred?⁠⁠
  • Do you celebrate your joy, bliss, flow and abundance⁠… as much as you do your grief, sadness and moments of doubt?⁠⁠
  • Do you embrace all of you lovingly or do you judge your past and present continuously?⁠

The key to a sacred relationship is simple:⁠

Two people who have learned to relate to themselves in a sacred way.⁠

Because only when you have learned to tend to yourself lovingly, you have the energetic capacity (and experience) to tend to another.⁠

But magic happens when you have so much love flowing through you…⁠⁠
And you find yourself in relationship with someone who has a full cup as well.

That is the point of sacred alchemy.⁠

Where kingdoms are born.⁠⁠
Where your relationship becomes a vehicle of transformation⁠

For all.⁠

But this cannot be without your own work.⁠

So focus on this, ⁠⁠
and the rest will come.⁠

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