• You find it offensive.⁠
  • You feel offended.⁠
  • You feel disrespected.⁠
  • You think they’re disrespectful.⁠
  • You think they’re careless.⁠
  • You feel humiliated.⁠
  • You feel stepped over.⁠
  • You think they’re taking advantage of you.⁠
  • You think you’re being too nice.⁠

You come up with the idea that you’ve been too nice..⁠. too lenient..⁠

That’s why people take advantage of you,⁠

You have to fight back and hold your ground, bark and bite.⁠

You will stop being nice to that disrespectful and humiliating bully to prove a point that you’re not to be messed with.⁠

Someone said a few words to you…⁠

And that’s all it took to change the core of how you choose to show up in life, your emotions and your self-image, your present and immediate future.⁠

A few buttons are pressed and off you go!⁠

Do you not see the problem here?⁠

Most people drown in a glass of water.⁠
While they are dying of thirst.⁠

They blow their problems out of proportion.⁠

They get triggered and suddenly are looking for information that supports their pain.⁠

Confirmation and evidence that backs up their desire to disconnect, be righteous and judge.⁠

And will happily bypass and ignore all the information that goes against the story.⁠

So make sure that – especially – when you are triggered, you stay connected to the truth of reality.⁠

Do not tell yourself any stories (good or bad)⁠.

Equanimity in relationships is the only way that you get to act instead of react.⁠

And the only conscious, healthy, useful and “good” response to the challenges that life throws at you.⁠

Because it is when the storm hits the boat, that the sailor is tested.⁠

And when conflict arises, a peaceful mind and a compassionate heart will get you through everything.⁠

Yet a volatile mind and fragile ego will enslave you – forever – to what others say, feel and think about you.⁠

So do Not give your power away..⁠.⁠
At least not if Freedom is something you value.⁠

For to be free is to live in truth,⁠

And to tell yourself stories and look for supportive evidence is to be looking for a needle in a haystack..⁠
Just so you can find it and Pinch yourself with it

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