There are only 2 spiritual journeys, 2 spiritual paths, everything else is or can be traced to one of them.

The Yogi traditions have explained this in a very, very clear manner.

If you want to reach the highest expression of the life that you are, if you want your life energies to merge with the source of creation, only 2 things need to happen, or one of the two need must happen.

One of them is that you expand so much that you become all that there is, which means your energies start vibrating so much the light, the candle inside your heart gathers such intensity and such radiance that, eventually.

It becomes the sun itself.

Which means everything becomes light, therefore you become enlightened, or the other option is that you remove the blockages.

You cleanse and empty everything that you think that you are because if we are part of the creation that means that the source of creation must be somewhere within me.

But because i have created a limited idea of who i am then i cannot touch it, feel it or go to that place inside of me where i come back to where it all started.

These are the 2 ends which are one and the same, but one is coming back to the deepest part within us, which is going back into a place of emptiness, of total silence.

The other one is coming to a point of such exuberance and radiance that because of the intensity of the energy, i arrived to the same place where it all started and it all ends.

So, in simpler words, in your spiritual journey everything that you do must either be a means or a process (or Sadhana as they call it in Yoga) to increase your energy.

To increase your capacity and ability to run high intensity energy, but also a process of removing the blockages.

So think about your ultimate realization, like the water that falls from the rain, that’s when you’re born.

Then you’re part of a river which is the river of your life.

One day you’re gonna make it to the ocean, where you’re still the drop but the ocean at the same time, you’re part of the unity, the oneness from where it all started.

The problem is that it takes lifetimes and lifetimes for the river to make it to the ocean for a lot of people and this is why:

A lot of logs, dirt, trees, leaves or garbage fall on the path of the river, which means that it is stuck.

If you’ve ever walked past a stream of water that got stagnant, it smells really bad.

It starts rotting, the same thing happens in our life, when we are not moving towards that deeper part of who we are, when we feel stuck, stagnant, everything starts to rot.

That’s when you experience first your body, your mental and physical health, but also your context, your relationships.

Things start to turn ugly when we are stuck in the same patterns, in the same trends.

The same thing happens with your energies, sometimes there’s a lot of blockages and this can be trauma, it can be ideas, assumptions, it can be blind faith, religion for a lot of people.

Ideas of what they think God is are the fastest way to distance yourself from what it actually is because God cannot be made into and idea, it cannot be squeezed and caged into a few words.

So, part of your journey is clearing the debris, the leftovers of stuff, the garbage that is stagnating the flow of your energy, this is why the way that you eat is important.

You have to clear your system from the inside, the way that you breathe, the way that you move your body has to become robust so that all the nonsense is perched out.

This is also why the process of Ayahuasca of purging is literally vomiting out the garbage that is blocking your energy.

From moving the way that nature intended it to and then the other side of the equation is amping up the voltage, really increasing your energies.

And you will see that if a river is stuck, if a sudden wave or big volume of water starts flowing again that may be enough to just like blast through those blockages.

You may not need to remove stick by stick if you blast enough energy into it, not enough water is gonna destroy that, the river is gonna find its path once again.

For example, processes like this is also Ayahuasca, Kundalini Yoga and spiritual paths that are a bit more intense.

Because they start releasing or awakening energies within you that are meant to end things up.

The invitation from this video is that you pay attention, especially if you feel that things are a little bit stagnant in your spiritual journey, that you notice whether you’ve been obsessing over removing stick by stick.

Maybe there’s lifetimes of karma, trauma, things that you will have to process, maybe you’ve been going to therapy for 10-15 years and it’s not as potent as you need.

I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s very useful and there’s a lot of people benefit from it, but it’s a long and ardous process.

Maybe you need something more potent that is going to increase the caudal, the amount of water that is flowing through the river, or the opposite.

Maybe you’re used to a lot of Kundalini Yoga and plant medicine experiences, yet, why if i do so many things and intense workshops, crying and screaming all the time…

Why is my life not changing?

Well that may mean that even though there’s a high volume of water and energy flowing there is something that is really, really keeping in stock.

Then your attention is better placed at removing some of these logs, some of that garbage.

Ideally we want to do both, we want to always cleanse our system ourselves.

So that energy can move in a more free way while simultaneously doing things that nurture and support the continous development of quality energy in our system.

Eventually, if there’s enough water and if enough of the garbage has been removed, it will be inevitable for that river to find its way back to the ocean.

In your spiritual journey, if you’re doing your best to purify and cleanse your mind, emotions, body, all of your energies.

And you take good care of all of this so that more energy can be built up, it will be inevitable for you to reach closer and closer experiences to the source of creation.

I know this may sound like a lot of words for many of you but a few of you understand what i’m talking about, life turns radically magical when we get out of our own way.

These two paths are the only way, they’re classifications of the process of life.

Hopefully you understand a little bit better how the spiritual journey works regardless of the path you have chosen.

And also that you understand a bit more about why Ayahuasca purges people before it takes them to a deeper places.

Because both the logs, the garbage has to be removed and the energy increased so that things can happen in a more effective, efficient and beautiful way.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: