Ayahuasca and it’s 2 main uses – the intention behind these is to provide educational content and resources for you and your friends that may be interested in doing plant medicine so you can do it the right way!

Because Ayahuasca has the potential to change your life radically, but you can also destroy it.

If you’ve done it well then it will be a before and after for you, it will give you way more than you could have dreamt and hoped for, but if you do it in the wrong context it might be very traumatizing at the very least or it can bring death in the worst of cases…

So, the 2 main uses of Ayahuasca are:

  1. Healing
  2. Spiritual Growth

When it comes to healing, what Ayahuasca does is it brings you into harmony, it brings your mind, emotions, your body and your energies back into harmony.

For this reason, it’s very good for people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, people who have severe addictions (cocaine, heroin, crack, alcohol, weed.)

It helps healing by going to the root of the problem.

The root of the problem is rarely what you think it is, a lot of people think that: “It’s my genes – it’s the world/partner/parents that is/are stressful.”

Sometimes there are things that happen far before we remember, those things get stuck and create a pattern of behaviour, modern medicine tries to alleviate the symptoms you’re feeling – it gives you painkillers but doesn’t invite you to look at why you’re feeling the pain.

Maybe there’s a cut that you have, if you don’t attend to it then it could get infected.

Quick story: Many years ago when i was still a student, i was living in an apartment that was very affordable and the landlord was very cheap, one day i saw that the wall was catching mold – i was traveling back then so i came back to half the wall covered in mold.

It was really gross, so i called him and said “Hey, we need to get this sorted out…

He took forever to reply so i started getting quotes from different people, the cheapest was a thousand dollars and they said “We have to destroy this wall, it’s 2/3 grand at least that we have to spend, we’d have to change everything, remove it and figure out where it’s coming from – probably a leak from pipes, then put everything together and organize it.

I told my landlord and he said “Oh, don’t worry, i got a guy.

He comes and spends 45 minutes, charges me $50 and leaves – i’m thinking… “This is strange, everybody told me that you had to break down the wall, basically renovate the whole bathroom.

So i went into the room and the guy had just painted white over the mold, pretending it wasn’t there “It’s okay, you can’t see it so it’s not an issue.

Modern medicine is very much like that, let’s take away your suffering but let’s not look at the roots of it. What Ayahuasca does is it helps you get to the core of that pain, whether that was trauma, early years physical illness, abuse.

There’s many, many different things that impact us that sometimes we cannot see, even the process of childbirth, for some people it’s the first trauma they experience, but most people don’t remember it and they carry the tension of being birthed into this world with them.

So the first thing is healing, mental healing can happen, it can bring you to a place of peace where you understand what it’s like to be at home within yourself, it can bring you to a place of emotional healing…

If there is an ex-husband/wife that you have not forgiven or maybe yourself, your father, your children. If there’s something that has happened and that you still carry, people refer to it as emotional baggage.

This is a place where you get to clean it up, literally release it from your body, a lot of the baggage that we carry is not only emotional or mental but also physical, this is why in Ayahuasca there’s a process of purging, there’s vomiting.

When you’re in a ceremony you receive your bucket and you’re vomiting, the interesting thing is that by the middle of the retreat you’re in a very fasted state, basically you have nothing but water in your belly, yet that would be the day that you vomit the most.

You see this black gooey thing come out and you wonder: What is it if my stomach is empty?

Ayahuasca allows you to recognize where in your body you kept that toxicity that was within, where in the body was the trauma stored, where in your body were you carrying these emotions.

Something that i learned and that people don’t like to hear is that being overweight/people who are obese is actually a side-effect, a result of emotions that are being held, that the person is not willing to feel, this creates a bit of a thicker layer between that person’s heart and reality.

I’ve seen many people who were clinically obese/overweight – after they got to the root of the pain they felt, they healed and forgave themselves, they forgived whoever wronged them without changing their diet much, without forcing themselves.

Their diet would change naturally, suddenly, they don’t like sugar anymore, finally they don’t want to drink so much anymore, without any forceful diets they would lose all their weight.

Our body has memory and it has intelligence of its own, Ayahuasca allows us to tune into the body for healing, to release those emotions, to understand deeper, what’s happening?

If you have patterns of relating, your relationships tend to fail all the time.

If a man abandon you or you don’t seem to attract the person that you want to be with or maybe you know all these things that we recognize as loops of behaviour, they have a root, an invisible threat that we’re not aware enough of to see.

This threat is like life moving us like puppets, Ayahuasca cuts this course, it brings awareness.

Awareness is curative, it also heals us phisically, there’s so much toxicity that we’ve put into our bodies through food, the air that we breathe, through a very sedentary lifestyle.

What Ayahuasca does is it allows us to cleanse the toxicity, to bring the body into a more alkaline state, but also a body free of toxins is a body that has more energy.

When you have more energy you will have without a doubt more awareness, you’ll be more conscious, it’s impossible to be conscious with low energy, when you’re conscious suddenly you start saying “Wow, oh this is for me/isn’t for me.

You start seeing your own patterns, you have a wider gap between the stimuli and a reaction, you realize someone says a word to you and then suddenly you’re present enough to realize “Well, this is not about me.” and to keep your own peace of mind.

When you don’t have energy you’re very reactive.

That’s the first use Ayahuasca has – the second one will be followed up by a blog/video and it’ll be about Spiritual Growth.

When you have reached a certain level of alignment, when your mind and heart are clean to a degree, when you have clean agency of your emotions and you feel good, you’re in a good place in your life, you’re making good money and have a partner.

You feel joyful, you’ll feel fine, but there’s a deeper calling, there’s a deeper craving for something else that you can’t quite understand.

This is the spiritual path, this is something bigger, calling, pulling you.

The first person comes to drink Ayahuasca because there’s an illness (cancer, diabetes, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, drug addiction, heartbreak…)

The second person comes because their life is good, maybe it’s even great, but there’s something else and they can’t quite figure it out on their own just yet.

When you’re in that place where your body is clear, Ayahuasca acts in a very different way, it opens certain doors and experiences that are very transformative in a person’s life…

(Continuation on Spiritual Growth!)

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