Why shouldn’t we drink Ayahuasca in a cottage? someone’s home, warehouse?

There’s a reason why these medicines are done in nature, most of the time there’s a reason why most Shamans live in the jungle.

It’s the same reason that throughout thousands of years Yogis have gone into the mountains, into caves, into nature.

Every mystic has gone through a period (or a big part of their life) when they were in the desert, or in a forest like a Buddha.

The reason is that when you are sharpening up your consciousness, when you’re doing work that bring you who you are to a different level of sensitivity, you want the enviroment around you to be the least troublesome for this kind of experience.

As an example: Can you meditate in the middle of a very loud nightclub? where people are doing drugs next to you, screaming, dancing, the whole thing is moving, very, very hyped, hectic energies.

The answer is yes, you can meditate, however, how easy would it be for you to get into that state? and once you’re in that state, how heavy would it feel?

Because now you’re open and you’re taking in the energies that are around you, you’re feeling the most part of you, so becoming one with the world having your boundaries of sensitivity increase in an enviroment like that can be traumatizing.

Same way, is it easier to pray at a bar or at a church? Truth is that there’s some spaces where the energy is a lot slower, in a sense, the energy is a little cleaner, and nature is one of those places for human beings, especially deep into nature.

It’s a place where most humans have not touched, so it remains in harmony with the loss of creation, if you go deep into a jungle, you will understand this.

You realize that there are areas when there’s no hiking trails, a place that has barely been touched by human energy.

You feel that things feel really, really different there.

Ayahuasca should be done in nature for this reason, because you’re going to become extremely sensitive to your environment.

If you’re in an environment that is full of a lot of things that are dense, darker or heavy, instead of healing you may end up scared, traumatized in the worst of cases.

The same way when somebody does or holds Ayahuasca ceremonies at their home, most of the time they’re not taking proper care of the spiritual hygiene of the space, some places do this, and you should inquiry about this.

They may be good for you, however, when you’re going to someone’s home you can feel it once you’re in ceremony.

There’s a lot of the process that is really impacted by the energy of the people who live there.

You want the energy to be as clean as possible, so that your process is yours and yours alone.

So you’re not dealing with some energy, karma, heaviness or process that does not belong to you.

Into nature, you have the chance to have a clean experience where you can be more grounded, because nature allows for our bodies to feel more grounded, where your nervous system can offload excess tension and reset itself.

Whereas when you’re in the city/someone’s home you cannot do this, it’s very, very difficult.

There’s a soul part of you that remains in tension, there’s a part of you that remains a little bit constrained by the pressure of the energies of the city, this is not conducive to a deep process especially now with planned medicine.

If you’re thinking about doing plant medicine I invite you to do it in a place that is deep into nature, the deeper, the better and ideally a place where they have a temple dedicated of it.

The temple that is used for this kind of ceremonies and not somebody’s cottage/airbnb.

That is the worst thing you can do, it’s playing with fire and best case scenario, you have a mildly fine-good experience.

Worst case scenario you end up either traumatized, unsettled or loosening up the configuration of something that could have been avoided.

Choose well, be mindful where you drink medicine.

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