…as much as it does on intensity of experience.⁠

Let me explain..⁠.

Look back at your life and you will see that the biggest shifts you had were not caused by a series of small events.⁠

Maybe they led there,⁠

But there was “that one big thing” that happened.⁠

The one thing that pulled the carpet from under your feet and forced you into facing total chaos.⁠

That one experience that you consider the best and worst of your life.⁠

It made you who you are today and you are deeply grateful towards it…⁠

Yet you wouldn’t wish it on anybody – because you know the intensity of the pain that you endured.⁠


When you don’t pay attention to the small, subtle, constant nudges and whispers of life – life is forced to wake you up abruptly.⁠

Disease. Heartbreak. Financial Breakdowns. Viruses!⁠

Something will come that will demand clarity and strength from you.⁠

More than you thought you had in store.⁠

But that will be the fire that shapes you. 🔥✊🏽⁠
The pressure on your piece of coal.⁠

So you can finally quit that job, end that relationship (or start one), sail the seas, and do what you know you’re here to do.⁠

The problem is that for a lot of you, your tolerance has increased too much.⁠

Which means that your standards have gone down, and life’s whispers don’t do a thing..⁠

Neither do its screams.⁠

When you are too numb to feel.⁠

So what to do? if no experience seems intense enough for you to make a radical shift?⁠

Well, you take a leap of faith.⁠

You walk closer to the edge than most people would dare and look over the abyss.⁠

You face death, you MUST face it.

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