Long-term side effects of drinking Ayahuasca.

You’re probably concerned or curious and you think: “Hey what’s gonna happen in 1-10 years, am i gonna end up a little bit “cuckoo?” Am i gonna end up addicted to it? Moving to a jungle? I’m gonna quit my life and go a little bit crazy…

Some people may think that it’s like a cold or something really dangerous like a drug.

First, there was research done in which they used a population from Brazil, where the religion is called Santo Daime, it’s a religion similar to church, imagine christian or chatolic church, but they serve Ayahuasca and they teach about different things.

They did research in people who have been part of this religion for 10-15 years, which meant that they were drinking Ayahuasca at least 2-5 times per week.

Because if you want to measure if something is good/bad, the fastest way is to measure what happens if somebody uses it consistently for a long time.

You have a glass of wine today and we check your health stats in 5-10 years, nothing’s gonna happen, however, if you have a glass of wine every day for the next 15 years, your liver is gonna show, your skin, maybe even your life, your work situation, your relationship, many things are going to be a lot worse because of it.

So researchers wanted to test: “Is doing Ayahuasca actually good? What about people who do it too often? Are they addicted? Are they depressed? Are they having Schizophrenia? Are they having mental health issues?

They survey them over a period of several years, they also surveyed a “control group“, which were just people from the same area, same population who were not partaking in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

What they found out was that the group that was actively drinking the plant medicine had almost non-existant depression, anxiety and mental health problems, the indicators were very low.

If anything, the problems that they had, the people who were suffering from this at the beginning of the survey, over time were reversed , they had better health.

The most important thing was that when asked about the level fo fulfillment/happiness/joy they were drastically different in a positive direction than the control group.

What they discovered was that although not everybody had changed their life externally nor became an entrepreneur, famous artist, created a big business out of the realization, became a guru or a healer, no.

Most people kept living their lifes in the same way, attending the job they attended.

Even though their external life didn’t change for everybody, their internal perspective, the sense of appreciation, gratitude, fulfillement from the same circumstances improved.

But they realized that the people that had drunk plant medicine were a lot more connected to a sense of purpose, a sense of spirituality, something higher which gave them everything they needed to be appeased mentally, phyisically, emotionally.

So, long-term side effects of drinking Ayahuasca, this is what has been researched;

  • It’s good for your body.
  • It’s good for your mental health.
  • It’s good for your emotional health.

Whether your external circumstances change or not, that depends on a lot of different factors.

Your capacity to be happy, to enjoy, to appreciate and be nurtured by everything that is already in your life is vastly increased.

I want to share from my own experience and that of some of my students and family members what I consider medium-term side effects.

A medium-term, because i started drinking Ayahuasca 5-6 years ago, but only the last 2 years in a consistent way plus i’ve had family members who’ve had drunk it here, so this is where we’re at right now.

What i have seen is that these people close to me (and myself) have experienced was first improvement of our health, because Ayahuasca connects you deeper to who you are and what is not very supportive.

Whether that is a relationship, a job, a food, a habit, an addiction or some friend – because it allows you to connect deeper to your essence.

You make choices that are good for you, you make choices in areas of your life that bring you peace, bring you joy, that are coherent and aligned, free from fear, from attachment to external things.

Ayahuasca allows you and has allowed me to understand better what I want, which in my case turned out to becoming independent.

My own business, launching a few other projects making more money than I had done before in ways that were more meaningful to me, helping way more people during covid times and times of need.

At the same time i stopped drinking, taking substances, eating in a way that was very destructive for my body.

I lost around 30-35 pounds of weight without trying, i started sleeping a lot less but resting a lot more, overall just having better relationships with my family, with the people around me, with my partners, students.

My family members have also reported similar things, people that have come here to the retreats shared how the experience that they lived here was the catalyst to some changes that created a very different future.

They were doing things and then they realized that it was not in that direction, they had some habits, compulsions, traumas that were released from that place.

They made different choices, for some it meant more commitment with their partners and a happier home life, for some others it meant breaking up, divorcing, realizing that the person they were with was not who they aligned with.

The long-term effects of drinking Ayahuasca, from what i’ve noticed.

If Ayahuasca is served in hands of experienced people and you’re supported in the process, the preparation, facilitation. Then your physical health will improve, reduce your stress, anxiety, depression, improved mental health, clarity, focus, creativity, passion, fearlessness, improved energy.

Because your system is very clean, you’re not stressed and you’re not usually eating all the same nonsense that you used to, you have more energy to the things that are important to you, improved relationships.

We can only give from what we have, if we don’t have it we cannot give it.

And when we think that we don’t have a lot of people that love us, or we don’t have many loving aligned relationships it’s because within us, we cannot attract or connect with these people or have a relationship of that caliber if inside, my bucket is empty, my cup is void of anything.

Ayahuasca connects to that part within ourselves that is already fulfilled, that stream, that fountain that never stops flowing, from this place it’s very, very easy, simple and magical to find people that you resonate with to co-create with, to have a relationship with.

You learn to accept those people around you in a better way, because Ayahuasca takes you through your trauma and allows you to heal your nonsense, to take responsability for it and understand that it was you who was hurting the whole time.

Your pain and stress about others was nothing but a slit was inside of you.

This allows you to have compassion for others, because you understand when you see somebody suffering, you can see (if you pay enough attention), you may understand where their suffering is coming from, what they lacked, when they were growing up, what they crave right through their dysfunction.

You can understand what this person is missing in their life, and instead of judging or feeling repulsed you can look at them with love because you understand that underneath was a person who is ugly in the way they connect to you yet there is someone who is hurting or was hurt in a very bad way.

It allows you to do all of this long-term.

Eventually, i’ll make a video/blog when it’s been 10-15 years of this journey, so far, for me, it’s been a day and night the kind of experience that i’ve had.

I’ve had these kind of results that i’ve seen in students, family, myself.

The downside is that not too many of you do it in a place where it’s safe, the upside is very big, so i hope you consider it.

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