• The death of a loved one.⁠
  • The death of a relationship.⁠
  • The death of a business.⁠
  • The death of a phase.⁠

In order to find meaning and purpose, a healthy relationship with death is necessary.⁠

You must take inventory – tonight if you can – about your life.⁠

Plan for it, prepare for it!⁠

If you were certain that at midnight, your life would end..⁠

How would you feel?⁠

  • What words did you leave unsaid?⁠⁠
  • What songs did your heart not sing?⁠⁠
  • Hugs, kisses and sex you postponed?⁠⁠
  • Forgiveness you did not give to someone and apologies you did not ask for?⁠⁠
  • What moments were the peak of your existence?⁠
  • What moments were wasted?⁠

Only when you’re willing to sit down and be brutally honest with the way you’ve lived – through the facing of death – you get to understand what is essential.⁠

What’s of the essence,⁠
And what’s excess weight.⁠

It is only when you understand that this is a limited experience, that will go by in the blink of an eye, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation towards life.⁠


And you burst out with passion for living, creating, sharing and doing something with your limited time here.⁠

Lazyness, boredom, passivity and lack of direction are the worst diseases you can have.⁠

Because if you don’t value your life, and feel okay wasting it bit by bit, you might as well waste it and be done with it all at once.⁠

Why delay it?⁠

But if you appreciate the beauty of this experience..⁠.⁠
You damn better do something with it!⁠

Because the clock is ticking.⁠

How much longer will you rob the world from all the things you have to give yet choose not to, out of fear?

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