When exploring about whether or not you’d like to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony, one of the most important things to look for is a solid container.⁠

The container is comprised of two things:⁠
🍃 The Space⁠
💌 The Community⁠

In the same way that in old tales the magicians needed a wand or a staff…⁠
The oracles a crystal ball..⁠
And the alchemists needed a geometric seal…⁠

Any experience where there are increased amounts of energy, require that there is a structure solid enough for it to be contained and flow safely.⁠

🔌 You wouldn’t plug a 120W toaster into a 5000W power outlet, would you?⁠

If you did and it there wasn’t a grounding pole, the whole thing would explode and burn out from the excess electricity.⁠


This is why it is important to attend ceremonies that are in nature (natural grounding force)⁠

And also to do so within a Maloka (indigenous medicine temple) which is a structure consecrated in a specific way so that its structure contains and purifies the energies within it.⁠

Now, community is important because when you drink medicine, a big part of the healing work is facing those areas that are painful to look at.⁠

😟 It can be scary at times.⁠

And knowing that you are surrounded by experienced people (both medical professionals and integrative coaches) allows you to ease into your process.⁠

Knowing you are supported by people who know what they’re doing AND have your best interest in mind, allows you to surrender deeper.⁠

Drinking medicine can feel like walking into a dark forest,⁠

And a solid container would be having both a torch and a hand holding yours throughout this walk.⁠

Where at the other side, you come home to yourself in a deeper way than you imagined possible.⁠


Here’s a picture of some of the Ambi Community members.⁠

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