3 tips for an Ayahuasca ceremony.

This video/blog is going to be very condensed and to the point.

The 3 most essential things i wish i knew to have a profound but also safe journey.

  1. Follow the dieta:
    If the place that you’re attending does not give you proper food guidelines: what to eat, what not to eat.

    Doesn’t encourage you to prepare with at least 1-2 weeks, ideally a month in advance.

    Then maybe they just want your money and not for you to have a deep process.

    Follow the preparation guidelines:
    No meat, no alcohol, no refined carbohydrates or processed foods, no sex leading up to the retreat, no substances.

    Might be challenging, but it’s the most important part.
  2. Go all in:
    A lot of people have hard experiences, they go drink one cup and then feel a little bit overwhelmed, then they decide that’s it.

    If you really want this to be a life-changing experience you have to do your part.

    That means that if you can still walk up to the altar, then you should probably get up and get another cup.

    If you’re thinking: “Should i have another cup?” then you should go and have another one.

    This is one of the tips that changed my life, after i had three, a guy came and borderline forced/encouraged me to have a fourth one.

    That’s when i broke through, the moment that split my life in two and shifted my directions from one of addiction, compulsion, a lot of chaos and pain.

    To one where im very happy and grateful, alive and at peace.
  3. Integration:
    Integration is maybe even more important than preparation, why?

    Because now the medicine is in your system, which means you are charged with an energy that is very strong, powerful, and has the potential to speed up processes of healing, of reconnecting to yourself.

    But also destructive processes, we’ve seen this sometimes, people come to Colombia and think you know what, i’m in Colombia, so i’m going to go party after the retreat.

    They get into a lot of trouble, without getting too into details.

    Especially if they mix substances, alcohol and sex after a retreat, you can create emotional and physical imbalances.

    Ideally, have an integration plan if you don’t have one, even without a plan, how are you going to ensure that your life is supportive of the process that you just went through?

    Starting with the diet, starting with the spaces that you frequent and how can you develop the commitment to integrate what you learned so it doesn’t remain as this beautiful, magical experience “I had once in the jungles of Colombia.”

    But it becomes your day-to-day experience of life.

These are the 3 tips, once again:

  1. Prepare: As impeccably as you can.
  2. Go all in: Drink as many cups as you can physically handle, you will not die – do not let your experience be lukewarm, this is not a place to half-ass things, go all in – there’s no good reason not to do it and you may regret if you don’t do it.
  3. Pay close attention to your Integration process: That’s where your word sits, it can become something very beautiful or you can destroy them and create sometihng very ugly instead.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: