You drank Ayahuasca and nothing happened – maybe you want to drink Ayahuasca and you’re afraid.

What if nothing happens?

I waste my money going to Colombia, paying for a retreat, buying my flight tickets and coming back home empty-handed…

How do i make sure i get my money’s worth?

This is in the mind of a lot of people, it’s fair, you probably have heard a lot by now, maybe you’ve watched/read some of my videos/blogs and you’re thinking:

Okay, i want to do this, but i want some assurance, i want to know that i’m going to get the goodies.

This is possible, people come, they drink the medicine and “nothing happens“.

It was my experience the first few times that i drank Ayahuasca, i realized that there were a few factors that played an important role in my numbness, my rejection towards medicine.

  • I did not take it seriously:

I was curious but a little tentative in my relationship with it, i wanted to know what this was about because i heard people share beautiful things about it, but i was not sure.

I wanted to change but not really, i was a little comfortable with where i was, even proud of the identity i had built at that moment.

The number one reason is that there’s no commitment, you’re coming into this/people come, but their hearts don’t want it.

I’m telling this because it happened to my wife, she could drink 4-5 cups in one night, full cups – enough to have a giant guy be shaking and convulsing, meeting God and coming back.

She would not even vomit, she wouldn’t see anything or feel anything, just weakness and that’s it.

In the ceremony, i was sitting next to her and i was surprised because…

How can she drink so much and have nothing happen?

The Shaman was surprised too, you’re not supposed to touch people in ceremony but i thought i needed to understand what is happening.

So, when i was very connected with the medicine, i held her and i asked the plant to show me why she did not have a connection.

I saw it very clearly, like this white array of spirits, this big wall, on the other side of that wall was her heart.

I asked the medicine: “She came all this way, why aren’t you helping her?

Ayahuasca said:

We are ready to go, the moment that she lets us in, her heart is closed to us so she may drink a few liters yet we will not cross nor break her free will unless she choses to fully receive this experience, nothing will happen until then.

This is the number one reason, people are not fully invested, they’re not committed, they’re not involved.

  • People don’t prepare well:

This is the second most common reason, the plant can only act as deeply as it can go into.

If the thick layer that you’ve created through unconscious food habits is too thick, then the plant process or experience will be one where you’re just cleansing that out.

This is common for people that take the dieta, preparation and nutritious process very lightly.

They watch porn, ejaculate, eat meat, drink alcohol, have sex right before ceremony.

Suddenly, they come here and are very numb, wondering why they’re not feeling anything, why they’re just vomiting.

If your body is very heavy and charged, what did you expect?

The medicine is going to start working with it, working first with the most dense and then, in the most subtle realms.

Another way to ensure that you have a connection or if you’re curious about why maybe you didn’t have one is how well you took care of your preparation.

I’ve played with this, i’ve done the experiment of preparing five months in advance, being impeccable with my food, my thoughts, emotions.

I went into ceremony and it was beautiful, profound and intense, life-changing.

I did the opposite, too – i relaxed, ate a bunch of sugar pastries things that were not recommended, went to drink medicine and did not feel a thing.

Even though i thought i was already open: “My heart is open, it’s gonna happen anyways.”

No, it’s not like that, you want to make sure that you connect, prepare the best that you can.

  • “Nothing happened”, but in reality, nothing that you expected happened:

Finally, this is maybe one of the most common ones, a lot of people imagine that they’re gonna meet God, see a lot of colors, hummingbirds, tigers and angels.

Whatever their friends have told them or you’ve read online.

Then you come and you just feel angry, frustrated the whole night.

You think, i didn’t see any of those beautiful things, i didn’t have any visions, i didn’t meet this spirit of the earth.

Perhaps that’s not where your work lies right now, perhaps, what if you have anger issues or maybe you’ve repressed yourself?

There’s a grief, sadness, resentment, there are things happening that you have not paid attention to, about your childhood, previous relationships, current ones.

Quite often, people think that they’re not having an experience, but in reality, they’re not having the experience that they imagined or expected would happen.

But if you’re willing to be present with what the truth of the moment is, then you will realize that it’s perfect for you.

Sometimes, what is perfect for you is an overwhelming blast into heaven, sometimes what is best for you is to feel frustrated, to feel the heaviness, weakness of your body, feel the pain that you put yourself through.

To feel the anger that you did not allow yourself to feel, when you were going through difficult moments in life.

Sometimes it can be very subtle because the medicine, her healing properties and the lesson can be to learn to pay more attention, to be more connected with the subtle parts of life.

Sometimes it’ll be overwhelming because you’re ready for that, that’s what you need.

These are the reasons why maybe you drank Ayahuasca and nothing happened, or if you’re about to drink and you’re concerned about nothing happening.

Then commit yourself, prepare fully and understand that you get the experience that you need, not the one that you want.

Free yourself from expectations and open your heart to what this very wise spirit has to give you.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: