The Way of Fire


A 9 days Shamanic Journey back INTO INNER UNION (NOV 28 – DEC 7)


(Registration open for individuals and couples)



During this 9 day immersion you will undergo an ancestral rite-of-passage into the art of Inner, Sacred Union.

The Way of Fire is an initiation into the depths of sacred womanhood / manhood.

You will be invited to embrace the final shedding of old wounds, patterned layers of relating, fears, insecurities and confusion around self-love, relationships and purpose.

The Way of Fire is a journey where you will adventure to and through the blockages that keep you stuck in painful repetitive patterns of feeling, being and relating. Once you become intimate with the darkest parts of yourself, you will be able to integrate the wisdom, power and stagnant energy they carry so peace, power and prosperity become the norm in your day to day experience.

You will uproot the weeds that breed ever growing disenchantment, apathy and contempt.

So that you can break free from the invisible, inner threads that have been rigging your life and relationships up until now.

You will be able to bring the fullness of who you REALLY are into every interaction and from there, into the way that you serve the world.

‎ Allowing you to experience a sense of connection, aliveness and freedom unlike anything you have ever felt before.

Through ancestral, yogic & tantric practices you will be prepared and guided by Nicolas Canon, his wife and team to ensure that your mind, body and heart are in their optimal, open and most receptive state to safely embark in the Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The Way of Fire is a quest for those who are ready to uplevel and transform their relationships: To themselves, their (current or future) family, their mission on this earth & God.

Your calling is calling.

Ayahuasca Colombia & Nicolas Canon present:

The Way of Fire

(November 28 – DEC 7)


“The key to all of your behaviors is hidden in a box that you can’t open using normal tools, your subconscious needs a different recipe than the one you’ve been using.”

- Gerard A. Powell

through the way of fire you will:


  • Experience profound healing of old wounds, trauma, addictions and illnesses
  • Learn the art of conscious communication, conflict repair and being vulnerable
  • Be initiated into the sacred masculine & sacred feminine archetypes
  • Let go of self-doubts, depression, anxiety and lack of self-worth
  • Recognize the blind spots that have you feeling stuck in repetitive cycles of dysfuntion in your relationships
  • Heal the wounds you carry from your parents, previous & current partners
  • Cut out energetic chords from previous traumatic experiences (and people)
  • Renounce old, disempowering ideas about who you are and what you are truly capable of
  • Reconnect with a higher force that has always been inside you, a force full of wisdom, compassion and love – some call this energy the spirit of Mother Earth, God, Shiva, The Universe, Source, Grace

Whatever your religious beliefs, you will rediscover the sacredness and forgotten beauty of life itself.



ONLY 7 spots left


$5497 SINGLES* – $ 10K COUPLES

Secure a spot with a $1500 deposit
(*Flexible Payment Plans Available* )



Who This Adventure Is For

This adventure is for those who have realized that there must be so much more to life and relationships than what they are currently experiencing. Those who refuse to accept a plateaued sense of connection, beauty and passion.

It is for those unwilling to settle for mediocre living..


It is for those who feel the urgency of deep clarity in their life, done playing small,  done being victims of their unhealthy patterns and ready to -for once and for all- take the leap into a healthier, more aligned and conscious ways of relating:

Men and women in search for beauty and grace. 

It is for those who are determined to feel the full throttle of their life force flowing through them. Men and women ready to shed those last layers of immaturity, heal their inner child and claim their space on earth as a conscious WOMAN & MAN: A space of clear direction, purpose, powerful connections and grounded fulfillment. This is for those ready to say goodbye to the part within them who hides their heart out of fear. 

Above all, this is for those who seek to expand their container to experience and feel beauty: Men and women crazy enough to seek to be deeply touched and inspired by life itself.

People who are ready to give up the journey of becoming and seeking and are ready to step into BEING

This is for those ready to face, head-on, their darkest, unknown parts.


Whether it is negative emotional experiences that you were unable to fully process in the past or ingrained beliefs and thinking patterns that seem confusing or impossible to come out of – If you are able to finally release everything that gets in the way of true intimacy with the world – you will tap into a forgotten source of love, energy and commitment.

This is for those brave enough to risk it all for their loved ones. Those ready to claim the depth, passion and connection that Sacred Union has to offer..

This is for the men and women who are ready to be shown a clear, no-bs mirror of who they are, where they are at, and what they need to become better partners (and for those who are single, attract much better partners too.)

This is for those ready to finally let go and die to all that is no longer serving them, and in the process re-discover who they are.

And from that place, learn the age-old dance of the masculine & the feminine, and the right way of flowing in harmony with the source of it all.

This is for those ready to play with fire, and be reborn through it.

Dr. Gabor Mate:

“In its proper ceremonial setting, under compassionate and experienced guidance, the plant—or, as tradition has it, the spirit of the plant—puts people in touch with their repressed pain and trauma, the very factors that drive all dysfunctional behaviours.

Consciously experiencing our primal pain loosens its hold on us. Thus may ayahuasca achieve in a few sittings what many years of psychotherapy can only aspire to.

It may also allow people to re-experience inner qualities long been missing in action, such as wholeness, trust, love and a sense of possibility. People quite literally remember themselves.”


” ..I’m just NOT interested in being the way that I was before..

I had heard that this could be the equivalent to 10 years of therapy in a short period of time and -having done quite a lot of therapy and really appreciating therapy- this just blows it out of the water.. I think 10 years was an understatement.

I’ve been to workshops before and this feels different. There’s nothing like it! “

J. T. Hudson – Investment Advisor

what is included?

9 Days Adventure Into the Unknown

Immersive Workshop Experiences (Guided meditations, movement, tantric practices, ancient masculine and feminine rituals & more)

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Breath of Freedom Live Emotional Release Experience 

Ancestral Sound journey

Kambo ceremony*

Abuelo Tobacco cleansing ceremony

Live Medicine Music

“Aya Ready” comprehensive online preparation & integration course with recipes, do’s and don’ts, cleansing practices & more!

Preparation & Integration group calls (a 3 month journey of transformation)

Private Accommodation

Plant-based, Ayurvedic Meals (We accommodate any and all dietary restrictions)

Exploration and ‘coffee sommelier tour’ through one of Colombia’s most premium coffee plantations

Guided Daily Integration Circles

One-on-One time with Nicolas Canon

Daily Movement, yoga and embodiment practices

PreRetreat Breathwork + Meditation journeys

Herbal bath cleanses & Stinging Nettle Therapy* 

Education on the use of Tobacco, Ortiga, Ambil & Mambe as healing and consciousness support tools*

Lifetime access to the Rebirth Graduate’s family

Ayahuasca Recipe Cookbook (for the preparation dieta)

Digital Access to the “Icaros” and Medicine music played by the shaman during the ceremonies

Walk through the sacred lands and visit to nearby waterfalls

Caguana “Sweet Heart Medicine” ceremony, a pineapple brew made by the women

Tantric, Connection, Vulnerability and spiritual development Workshops

And much more!

*(upon land’s & shamans availability)


This year’s retreat will be hosted in a  seventeenth century Spanish colonial style medicine house, nested in the Colombian Andean Mountains – also known as “The Spine of the Earth” making it a powerful territory for deep spiritual work.
Surrounded by breath-taking mountains, our retreat centre is also bespoke, family-oriented world-class coffee farm. A peaceful sanctuary of perfect weather enjoying warm days, gentle breezes and cool nights.

Private Colonial Boutique rooms & Shared (2xperson) accommodation options possible. 

only 7 spots left



$5497 USD (9 days All-Inclusive)

($10K USD Couples)

Secure your spot with a $1500 deposit.
*Flexible Payment Plans Available



Nicolas Canon

Nicolas Canon

Retreat Leader

Head Coach

Best-selling author & Relationship Expert.

10+ years supporting the conscious evolution of men and women around the globe. Nicolas Canon has supported thousands of people through their Ayahuasca preparations, journeys and integrations. His workshops have been often referred to by past attendees as “equally powerful (or more) than Ayahuasca itself.”


Elder Shaman, Former Chief of the Yunguillo Tribe

Elder Shaman, Former Chief of the Yunguillo Tribe


Crowned shaman from the Inga tribe, Yunguillo – Amazon Jungle.

30+ years of experience working with Ayahuasca.
Elder Muchavisoy is referred to as “Taita Love”, for his medicine is stern like a father but loving like a mother, ensuring that the processes are deep, meaningful yet kind with attendees’ minds and bodies.


Anthar Kharana Navarro

Anthar Kharana Navarro

Andean Medicine Man

Founder of the Ancestral School of Healing in UK and Colombia, Anthar has 30+ years of experience in the Andean Medicine paths.

He will lead the group through a tobacco ceremony, a powerful process able to repair deep wounds in relation to our masculine lineage and inner energies.






The medicine, the territory, the community and the music merge together to create a safe and sacred space where you will feel comfortable exploring those parts within you that have remained ignored for far too long.

A space where you will feel ready to do the inner work that you know you MUST do to stop being stuck in a mediocre life, heal yourself, return to your centre and understand your life’s purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the shaman?

Taita Muchavisoy is our head Shaman, carrier of a lineage of shamans serving the Yage medicine through the ancestral traditions of the Inga culture (descendents from the Incas), from the high Putumayo region in the Amazon jungles.

He has 30+ years of experience with the medicine, and extended expertice supporting the healing journey of thousands of people. His medicine is unaltered and prepared in the midst of nature/jungle in a pure way.

Taita Muchavisoy is the former chief of the yungillo indigenous Amazon reserve and one of the most respected, looked after and trusted shamans in Colombia.

Can women on their period participate in ceremony?

When a woman is going through her Moon cycle, she is already experiencing her body’s natural medicine. This is a sacred for a woman – according to the indigenous tradition.

During her moon, she spends time doing only the things she loves and being taken care of and supported by the men of the community.

A woman who gets her menstruation during the Ayahuasca part of the  retreat (last 4 days) cannot drink medicine due to potential hemorrhages (and a high likelihood of her body destabilizing by having both medicines at the same time)

So if you are a woman/couple planning to attend, please plan around your menstruation cycles so you don’t have to miss out on any part of the process.

And if your cycle is unstable let us know and keep a flexible flight booking so that your attendance may be adjusted if necessary.

If your cycle is not stable, trust your gut and let nature take care of everything else for you.

PS: If you miss any ceremony, you’re provided a “credit” to come back and drink medicine for FREE within the following year.

I have high-blood pressure/I’m on medications, can I still attend?

Yes, we have treated thousands of people with these conditions. While filling out the application form there is a question for you to let us know the medical conditions you have so we can have our in-house Doctor review your file and recommend the ideal ways to prepare (or recommend against participation if needed)

We often have a medical doctor overseeing the health of our participants.

What if I change my mind, do you provide refunds?

Payments are non-refundable, but can be rescheduled, transferred or donated. (within a 12 month period). For additional information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

I am in a relationship, can I come alone?

To argue you need two yet to transform a relationship you only need one person.. and you can decide TO BE THE ONE.

If your beloved cannot (or is not interested) in coming, your participation can be an offering to your relationship as well as a personal space where you get to understand, at the core of your soul, if you’re truly compatible.

The fire that will be sparked within you will be contagious and its light and warmth will touch your loved ones, whether they attend or not.

I am single, can I participate?


This journey is extremely powerful for those in a state of transition in-between relationships for it will allow you to remove the blockages and blindspots that keep you attracting people who don’t inspire you or meet you where you’re at.

This retreat will plant the seeds of sacred love within you.