Can Ayahuasca change your life?

Can Ayahuasca change your life?

Can Ayahuasca change my life?

In short, no.

Why are you saying that?” “I thought that this is a plant that people take in order to heal their darkness, to understand their trauma and their dark parts…

Yes, it’s true.

Let’s go to the meaning of changing, change is what you get when you give ten dollars in coins and you receive a bill.

Change, the word, comes from latin, “cambiari“, if you speak spanish you know “cambiare” sounds similar to “cambiar”, to trade, to barter, what is bartering?

Bartering is when you exchange something for something of equal or similar value.

Change is what is promised when you take a self-development course, you’re gonna be a little better, most people change their religious tendencies for self-development tendencies, they change their judgement of themselves and others.

Because now they think that they’re awake, enlightened, spiritual.

So… now everybody is wrong and they’re the only ones who are right.

Change is reserved for those who do not want transformation and Ayahuasca is all about transformation, what is transformation?

Transformation is when you take something and turn it into something completely different, the form of that which you are transforming changes, there is often nothing left of what it used to be.

Ayahuasca will not change your life, however, it will transform it, what does this mean?

This means that when you decide to drink Ayahuasca, it’s not for a subtle improvement, it’s not to live a life that is a little bit better, a little happier, a bit more at ease, a little less anxious.

When you drink Ayahuasca, it’s because you’re ready to die – to all the ways in which you have gotten used to being, you’re ready to let go and shake hands with a part of you that is no longer serving you, you’re ready for transformation.

Transformation is what happens to the caterpillar, but the butterfly is a completely new and different being.

Of course its growth and it’s transformation was nourished by the caterpillars experience and processing of the cocoon, but they’re vastly different.

Ayahuasca is like the cocoon in which you go into when you want transformation, if you want a little bit changed, i recommend that you read a book, that you take a workshop on, self-development, spirituality, listen to a podcast.

Do something, install a new habit, a new to-do list, however.

If you’ve come to a point in your life where a little bit of change wont cut it, a point where you know that you’re fed up with the way things are and radical transformation must happen, where you cannot allow for your life to continue the way that it is, you dont want to waste more years, going the same cycles of addiction, of pain, dysfunctional relationships.

If that’s where you’re at, then Ayahuasca is for you.

You have the power to transform your life, but a little bit of change wont cut it.

People who want a little bit of change often find a thousand excuses before coming to a retreat, but those who want transformation know that they’re ready to renounce big part of their life, they’re ready to sacrifice.

A sacrifice is a sacred offering, that’s where the word comes from, when you make a sacred offering you don’t offer the worst, you offer what’s most important to you, what’s most beautiful.

You offer that, in the hopes/trust that life will give you something a lot greater, what best offering than who we are, our identity, our ego with flaws and virtues.

Can Ayahuasca change your life? No.

But it will transform it if you’re ready for it.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests please go to:

Ayahuasca: How to know if it is calling you?

Ayahuasca: How to know if it is calling you?

How do i know if Ayahuasca is calling me?

If you’re wondering about this, then it is calling.

Ayahuasca is not something that comes into every person’s life and very often, as you start hearing about it, you start seeing it everywhere.

Your friend mentions it, it’s what a person that you met talks about, now you saw this blog/video anywhere, somebody else writes about it, now you read a documentary of how it’s being legalized, used for therapeutic purposes.

These are a lot of subtle ways in which life starts bringing within your field of experience the concept, the idea, the curiosity about plant medicine.

How do i know if it’s calling me? If it’s coming to your field of experience, it is calling you.

Usually the question or the moment that people make this question – it’s not about them not feeling the calling but it’s about them facing their fears around coming here, there’s a lot of doubts, thoughts, procastination and concerns for a good reason.

It makes sense, it’s not something that people do all the time, it’s one of the strongest psychoactive substances in the world and it can be one of the strongest experiences for a human being, this is why for a lot of people it becomes life changing.

Their life turns into a before and after i drank Ayahuasca, so it makes sense that you have concerns, fears.

But what is there to doubt? It’s not the calling, because the calling is clear, especially if you’re reading/watching this blog/video, what there is to figure out is; Are you ready?

If you’re ready, what’s holding you back? If you’re not ready, why not?

Ayahuasca has cured. Over at our temple we have worked with thousands of people over the years.

They have healed themselves from different addictions, autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses, they have reconnected and found a deep sense of spirituality, not the one that religion sold them but one that comes from their heart.

They have given up their fear around pursuing those projects that are dear to them, they have embraced the fullness of who they are, they have faced death and found themselves in the process, they have experienced what death is like.

Therefore, they can come back and fully live, they have healed trauma from their childhood, they have forgiven people that wronged them and asked for forgiveness to those they have wronged.

Ayahuasca has helped probably millions of people around the world to move from compulsion into consciousness, from a life of disconnection and destruction into a life of conscious action, a life of impact, love and fulfillment.

Of course, some people have had a rough time in some places.

It is practiced in a way that is not safe and some people have suffered because of it, however, if you choose a place where the medicine is prepared in a clean way and the Shamans have integrity and where you’re taken care of in both your preparation and integration process…

If you take care of all of this, the experience that you have with Ayahuasca, whether enjoyable or a little bit challenging, will be one that shapes you and changes you for the better.

It will be one that you will look back on for maybe the rest of your life and see as one of the best gifts that you could have given yourself.

How do i know if plant medicine is calling me?

If you’re reading/watching this blog/video, it is calling you.

The question is why are you hesitating? What are you waiting for? How much longer do you want to remain in this place that you are stuck in right now?

You’ve been in this place for a while now and that’s why you’re trying and seeking, that’s where life is putting in front of you some tools that can get you unstuck.

Maybe you believe that doing the same thing you have been doing – that somethings gonna change, i’m here to tell you that it might, but chances are that you won’t.

Because doing the same things will lead to the same results you have had in your life, although, they may be great, yet they’re quite not it, there’s something missing, unexplainable, longing for something else.

In this, Ayahuasca can help, but for this you have to get out of your own way.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian Shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check:

🌱 3 things you need to know before doing Ayahuasca! 🌱

🌱 3 things you need to know before doing Ayahuasca! 🌱

  1. It’s not a magic cure:
    Ayahuasca is a great teacher/tool and it’s one that can cleanse:

    Your mind
    Your body
    Your energies
    Your emotions

    It can give you clarity into your suffering,
    Where it comes from, why you’re stuck in life, what you haven’t been able to let go to.

    And it can give you crystal clear clarity around where your pathologies, your disease, your tension, your conflict is coming from and give you explicit practical guidance on what to do about it, but it will not do it for you!

    At the end of the day it respects your free will and it gives you a map which shows you where you’re at, where you need to go – but at the end of the day you need to walk the path you seek, so the first thing you should know is that you need to be ready to do some serious work on yourself.

    Learning how to forgive, facing your fears, changing habits, change the way you see yourself, letting go of people, relationships, and toxic enviroments that don’t allow you to develop yourself.

    Be ready to understand that you’re at the root of everything that has happened, good and bad!

  2. Not everyone’s experience is the same:
    Some people meet god, some people are going through heaven, ecstacy, bliss, some people are just vomiting violently…

    There’s no answer to how you’re gonna feel, however, the better you prepare, the deeper you’re gonna go!

    So if you only start your diet one or two weeks before your retreat, you’re probably gonna be the person that is vomiting violently and having a very physical reaction because the plant needs to clean you first before it can start acting within you.

    It’s like you’re moving to a new place before you can start painting the walls and redecorating, you gotta scrub everything clean; the floors, the walls, take out all the trash before you can put some nice plants and decoration. Maybe it looks very messy from your habits, your past experiences, maybe substance abuse, maybe unhealthy patterns of thinking, anxiety, depression – your system is so full of so much toxicity and so many toxic chemicals, these are the very things that it needs to get rid of!

    Maybe that’s what it looks like for you, vomiting and pooping a lot, however, if you prepare with enough anticipation, your experience can be very deep, very transcendental and mystic.

    Everybody’s experience is different, however, the better you prepare, the better you’re gonna go!

  3. Where, whom, how:
    Where you do it, whom you do it with, how the medicine was prepared.
    Everything that goes into the creation of that experience from the Shaman’s side and from your own side has an impact.

    The way in which the tree was cut itself, some Colombians Shamans will not cut it without first doing an offering, without first praying to it, asking for permission, to cut it is a ritual.

    The way in which Ayahuasca is cooked in some places is similar to this, they just import it, ship it, from people who are preparing a hundred pots next to each other while they’re smoking a cigarette and talking nonsense in the jungle.

    Usually, it’s prepared in a virgin place of the jungle where nobody walks through to ensure that space is very pure, it’s also usually only prepared by the Shaman or by people very close to the Shaman that have undergone a process of preparation…

    Cooking it right from The Temple, the space where you do Ayahuasca, every pillar in a Malocca, every design of it’s architecture carries within it certain power!

    How you prepare your intention, are you really looking at this as your chance to break through where you are in your life, or are you just doing another psychedelic tourism, are you preparing with utmost dedication and discipline? or are you just taking it like it’s a joke? how much commitment are you putting into it before coming? how much of your heart are you putting into it?

How much commitment are you putting into it before coming? how much of your heart are you putting into it? Do you want transformation? – from the other side, how well prepared is the space, the temple, the medicine, the Shaman, the musicians, everything.

Everything matters and counts, so make sure that you do your research when it comes to the people that you’re going to sit in ceremony with and that when it comes to you, do your preparation as impeccably as you can, so that when you’re there there’s no part of you that is regretting not preparing better…

These are the three things that personally i wish i’d known before trying Ayahuasca, hopefully they were useful to you too!

And If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check:

Never mix WEED (Marihuana) & AYAHUASCA! Here’s why…

Never mix WEED (Marihuana) & AYAHUASCA! Here’s why…

People that are drawn to drinking Ayahuasca usually are very friendly of other substances including with mushrooms, smoking other substances, sometimes LSD…

The question comes often – what happens if you mix, smoke, drink, eat THC derived products if i’m preparing for a plant medicine journey?

Short answer is you should stay away from it if you’re doing Ayahuasca and i’ll explain to you why:

Imagine that every plant medicine is a song and every song on its own can teach you a lot, if you use it ceremonially, not casually.

Passing a blunt with your friends, getting high out of habit and compulsion, this is 99% of the people who ask this question, the 1% do it in a conscious way.

It is a teacher that can teach a lot, but one that is very delicate to work with…

Marihuana is a feminine energy, in the Shamanic world it’s seen as somewhat possessive…
You will find men that develop a relationship with this plant spirit consciously or unconsciously…

They end up having a lot of troubles with the female in their life, their partners usually are not very fond of their weed abuse, usually their demeanor changes.

You will see that most people who smoke a lot of weed tend to not be very driven, there’s the pothead stereotype; the person that is rather slow and chill, relaxed, nothing wrong with that, but you can notice a deterioration over time of this person’s capability and aliveness.

How vibrant their energies used to be,
Less and less with the passing of time.

When it comes to Marihuana or to any other substance, there’s a lesson to be learned in each song, but each song is very different, you can grab a song from Mozart and one from Beethoven and if you listen to each of them separately they’re very beautiful.

But play both of them at the same time and you will end up with noise, confusion, maybe end up a little bit overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, not really understanding what’s happening.

The same goes for mixing psychedelics.

In the tradition that we work with in Colombia they are very strict about avoiding the use of Marihuana at least two weeks prior to ceremony, because otherwise your consciousness is in a place that is very mixed.

Your experience can be colored by the leftovers of the other medicine in your system and this is rarely a positive thing, my empirical and personal experience of people that come to the community (especially the ones that come over and over and over) are many that don’t really grow, they seem rather stuck in spite of the amounts of Ayahuasca they drink, and what most of them have in common is that they have an uncontrolled and unconscious use of weed.

They are always smoking a joint just for fun, when they wake up, when they go to sleep.

If there’s no ritual or ceremonial process with it, it’s a relationship that is mostly addictive but they are in denial about it, and it’s very hard to make progress when you don’t have the energy to do it.

Marihuana is a substance, a plant that if abused takes a lot of your energy.

My recommendation is that if it’s your first time drinking Ayahuasca, give yourself the chance to take a space from your weed consumption, after all if you’re doing it consciously it shouldn’t be that much of a big deal, if it’s compulsive and you quit for 3 or 4 weeks before a ceremony it will feel very difficult.

Nothing that we do compulsively is freeing…

If your relationship with Marihuana is one of addiction then this is a good time to explore within yourself and realize, debate and question whether or not that relationship that you have with this plant is nourishing you or perhaps you just ended up in this loop of avoidance due to the relaxation, numbing.

Long story short: Do not smoke weed close to the times before and after drinking plant medicine, weed is not a bad plant but it’s a different song that when played too closely to Ayahuasca may have really detrimental, emotional and health side-effects.

If you’re using it consciously, then there’s nothing wrong with it, you shouldn’t worry about stopping for a few weeks, however, if the thought of not smoking triggers you.

It may mean that there’s an addiction there…

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check:

3 Secret tricks for Ayahuasca! (Melon and honey, Cold Bucket Showers & Hatha Yoga)

3 Secret tricks for Ayahuasca! (Melon and honey, Cold Bucket Showers & Hatha Yoga)

3 tips that a lot of people don’t know will help you have a deeper, safer and better Ayahuasca experience!

  1. Build up your energy:
    Whatever is in your system before you go into ceremony is going to find expression, this is why in most places there’s a different diet that is recommended, the longer you can do this the better.

    Some places ask you to do their respective diet for a few days, in our center we recommend at least two weeks, ideally a month or more.

    But in essence the importance of this is that when you come into ceremony, once you become hyper aware, once your consciousness expands it does not expand into something scary, that can happen when you’ve been eating; meat, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and so on.

    So, tip number one, if you want your body to be very clean for a lot of the ecstatic that you build up, the energy around your system, the things that latch on to your aura (if you have an understanding of what this is) then one of the simplest ways to clean up is to spend time in nature, if you can, take cold showers at least for a week before ceremony.

    These showers are to be taken with a bucket/big pot, not a shower head, you load the bucket with cold water and dump it on your forehead all at once.

    When you do this the water touching your body transfers the excess of energy, the ecstatic that you’ve built up from the places you visit, the people you hang out with, your own habits, your ways of thinking…

    If you take showers (cold showers) with a bucket the days leading up to ceremony you will notice that your system is a lot cleaner, I also invite those not attending ceremony to try this out and notice the differences between this and a normal shower!

  2. Eat a lot of melon:
    The day of ceremony and the late days leading up to the ceremony, try eating a lot of melon and honey, these are foods that are very rich in nutrition, also cantaloupe, they’re foods that increase our body’s capacity to handle energy.

    What does this imply? Once you drink Ayahuasca there will already be a higher capacity of your body to deal with the energy and added energy.

    Try having as much cantaloupe, melon and honey as you want for breakfast only, or go one day just eating that, then notice how much your mind, the quality of your thinking and your energy shifts.

    You may sleep very little because your body is so energized so if you go into an Ayahuasca ceremony and you take a spoon of organic honey or if you eat a lot of cantaloupe melons you will see that your ceremony will go a lot deeper.

  3. Working with your body (Hatha yoga):
    Maybe the most important and overlooked one, working with the body, our body is like an appliance ruled by physical laws, like a toaster that can handle 120 Volts, plugged into a current of 5000 Volts, the toaster would explode unless it’s properly grounded and it’s capacity to run electricity has been increased.

    Same thing happens when you hear of people that literally lost their shit, they vomit all over themselves, they had an overwhelmingly bad trip.

    What happens is that the amount of Ayahuasca they drunk, the amount of energy that went into their system was beyond what their system was ready to process and therefore they fried their system for the night, it doesn’t have negative effects if it’s done in a safe place but it can be an overwhelming and unpleasant experience, especially for the mind.

    So, the most efficient and long-lasting way of increasing our body’s capacity to run high amounts of quality energy through it is Hatha yoga, if you’ve never done yoga or even if you’ve done it I invite you to do it at least once a day; 15, 20 minutes or even better, a whole hour.
    Look up Hatha yoga on Youtube or if you can attend a local class then even better – and you will notice that you can go into a deep place without feeling so overwhelmed, you can go deep inside your heart, inside your soul, inside that which you want to experience through Ayahuasca without losing it, you can feel safe, confident and comfortable in an experience that can otherwise be extremely overwhelming for most people.

To summarize:

  • Eat cantaloupes, melons and natural/raw honey they help to increase the amount of energy in your system.
  • Take cold showers, especially with a bucket since it will help you cleanse yourself, it’s really, really good and quick, no need to sit under the shower for a long time, one or two buckets and you will feel refreshed.
  • Do Hatha Yoga, work with your body, especially if you can be in nature that’d be even better, this will help you have a deep and safe Ayahuasca experience!

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check: