4 Must know tips to prepare for Ayahuasca

Imagine that drinking Ayahuasca is like riding a Formula 1 car.

First of all, what do you do?

You ensure that the car is in good condition, if it’s missing one tire, are you gonna drive fast? No.

Your vehicle is your body, ensure that you do the best you can do to prepare it, to eat the foods that your center recommended you.

To take care of your mind, emotions, and also physical aspects so that it is solid, ground.

Can you race a car that is broken? You could.

But the risks and the anxiety as you’re driving at fast speeds is gonna be a lot higher.

If you don’t know how to prepare properly, check the links below (video).

Secondly, you wanna ensure that the race track is in good conditions, because the car can be in pristine settings.

The engine can be great – you took care of your body, you wait properly, but then…

If the race track has holes and bumps in it, then no matter how good of a driver you are, you’re bound to crash yourself.

An accident is likely to occur.

What I mean by this is: you want to check the container where this is being held – the race track is the place where you’re gonna drink Ayahuasca.

Is it a temple that has been consecrated for the use of plant medicine or is it your friend’s basement, some couple’s rented Airbnb or cottage? They’re VERY different.

Make sure the car is in good condition, but also make sure that the race track is also in good condition, supportive of going fast.

Because that’s what you’re after, right?

Thirdly, you can have a good car, the racetrack can be in good conditions, yet accidents can still occur, right?

The problem is not that an accident might happen, but that there’s no emergency team on site.

Nobody to pick you up, turn the fire off if your car catches flames, then take you to the hospital and provide assistance to you.

This means: ensure that there is a team of facilitators to take care of you, experienced ones.

This team starts with the Shaman, someone that is reliable, that has experience of at least 10 years (very little by most Shaman standards).

At least 10 years of experience working with people, and other 10 years of apprenticeship.

If someone wants to give you medicine and they’ve less than 10 years working/assisting another elder Shaman with.

Then you’re not in safe hands, definitely not in experienced hands.

You also want to make sure that the team is people that you feel you can trust.

You can know this because they take care and support you in the preparation and integration process.

So, if your medicine house does not offer this, they’re not that interested in you having a good takeoff and safe landing.

Fourthly, if you have a solid car, a good race track, a team to guide and support you in case of an emergency.

Then the only thing that is missing is that you as a driver do everything that it takes within your capacity to be in the best condition.

That means that you do not leave anything to luck.

You prepare properly, with integrity.

You take things seriously, you understand the risks, it’s your life that is at stake, your mental, emotional health that is at stake.

If you’re thinking of drinking Ayahuasca and you feel a deep calling.

Maybe you feel pain and other forms of therapy/inner work have not really helped you with what you wanted.

Or perhaps you feel a spiritual longing, where nothing seems to satisfy.

You have to take yourself seriously, and you have to stop pretending that it’s okay.

No, this is not a way to move through life, you have to take life seriously.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be grumpy, no.

Take it seriously, as in with respect, attention, involvement.

You can do it joyfully, but do not sacrifice a potentially life-changing experience just because you were too lazy to do things with integrity.

To prepare as well as you could now.

If you take care of these four things:

  • Your car.
  • The racetrack.
  • The emergency team.
  • And the pilot.

Then you’re guaranteed to have the most profound, transformational and safe experience with Ayahuasca.

Thank you, check out my links on Youtube for a safe course I’ve created to help prepare and integrate properly.

if you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check:


Freedom is the goal, NOT happiness

Here’s an important distinction that a lot of people miss/get confused about.

Most of the people that i’ve worked with, most of my students too, get frustrated when they don’t feel happy.

100% of the time they say:

Oh, this is not working

I’ve done so much inner work, taken so many workshops. yet i feel sad/bad today. Why can i not be happy 100% of the time?

So i remind them that the goal of the spiritual journey is NOT to be happy, it is to be free.

To be whole aswell.

Happiness and freedom are two different things, because a person that must feel happy all the time is not very free.

They’re ensalved to everything working out in their favor so that they can feel fulfilled.

They’re no different than the person who is committed to their depression and anxiety, they’re ensalved to it, they do not see their life moving forward in a different way.

So, what’s the point then of all the spiritual growth, self-practices and self-development?

Let’s say, an immature sense of self-development (which is what you see around online) is aiming for you to be happy all the time, to be joyful.

It’s nonsense, because now that you cannot feel happiness – if you “maintain” this, in a certain way, it is possible, so that it becomes a constant.

But more than seeking happiness, can you make peace with, embrace and welcome the difficult emotions?

At the end of the all that exists is: comfortable and uncomfortable mental and physical situations, that’s all it is.

There are comfortable emotions and uncomfortable ones.

Running away from one and towards the other is going to have you going “zig-zag“, back and forth.

However, when you accept the whole spectrum, you become free.

And bliss is only available through this freedom, I believe that it can be present in the moment of deepest pain.

But also in that moment of deepest love, deepest joy.

The purpose of a spiritual journey is not to be happy, it is to be FREE.

Free from the attachment of having to be happy all the time.

Freedom means that you can navigate both the serene waters of life with the same joy, involvement and openness as you navigate the darkest storms.

Freedom means that you are willing and open to receive all of life, and all of life has light and darkness, comfort and discomfort, positive and negative experiences.

That’s the beauty of it.

Please, I invite you to stop chasing a juvenile expression and form of spirituality, thinking that you have to be happy the whole time.

I’m not saying you should be miserable, by no means.

It’s worth mentioning that this is my personal experience.

The less you chase happiness, the more you become okay with the current moment of sadness, frustration, anger.

The moment that you befriended these emotions, these parts of you, it becomes like someone that has a message to give you.

They come and knock in your door, yet you keep ignoring them, they’re gonna have to knock louder and louder and louder, also for longer.

Because they really have a message, and you must listen to it.

However, if the first time they knock, you open the door, sit down and chat with them, then they’ll be gone.

Maybe they’ll have a message another time, which you listen to, and finally they’ll walk out.

A day comes when they have shared everything they have to share with you, so they no longer come knocking at your door.

Emotions are like this, life’s situations are like this.

The moment that you’re at peace with the discomfort that may be present is the moment you become free.

And when you are free, bliss is inevitable, happiness tends to be very dependent on our external situations.

For most people, happiness is a flaky elusive sensation.

Freedom, however, is a very solid foundation upon which you can build your life, because you know that whether it is sunny, dark or cloudy.

Whether people are kind to me or they’re uneasy and difficult, then it is in my hands to surf, to navigate life however I choose to.

There is no situation I reject nor cling to, there is no emotion that I despise, judge nor crave.

In this freedom, we can actually become fully equipped and able to experience life as it is, not as we would like it to be.

And this is the greatest joy that a human being can experience, the peace that comes from no longer being afraid nor attached to something.

Thank you.

If you feel the calling to sit with Ayahuasca, in a container held by Colombian shamans at a sacred temple in the middle of the mountain forests, please check:


What’s the point of all the current darkness in the world?

What’s the point of all the current darkness in the world?

Light or darkness tends to be more a matter of perspective than a fact.

For example, in regards to the whole Corona Virus situation – for a lot of people it has been very challenging it, has brought a lot of anxiety, separation, frustration towards the government.

At the same time, i know a lot of people that have benefited a lot because of it. For the first time in their life they’re not distracted, they cannot go to the club/bar to do activities that they used to do to numb themselves from the pain and avoid the situation that was present.

There’s a lot of couples divorcing because they had never had enough time to actually be in connection with each other, Is this chaos or is this a blessing in disguise?

My invitation to you is first, to consider that whether something is an opportunity or a curse has more to do with how you position yourself than with the truth of the matter – in essence, life is neutral, if you look out in nature there is life, there is death, there is hunger, there are full bellies, there are volcanoes erupting and destroying other things.

Then there is the rain nourishing the lands, the birds flying and singing.

It’s a mix of beauty order and chaos.

With that being said how we experience reality is up to us and the first question is: If i’m experiencing this moment as a very, very dark moment then it must be because i’m standing in the wrong place or maybe i’m looking only at things that i don’t like about what’s happening right now.

Secondly, it is never useful to think of things in a very large context, at least not until we have done our work to then be able to look with a deeper clarity and we wash our eyes.

When you ask yourself about this upheaval; What should I pray for? What should we ask for?

Say: “Nothing“, because you cannot change all of society, however, you can start with yourself and your relationships, which will eventually as a side effect change and have an impact on all of society.

I invite you to focus on what’s the extent of what you can control and what you can influence, maybe it’s your family, maybe you have a community, maybe you’re a business leader and you have a lot of people that trust your guidance or maybe it’s just you and you’re feeling a little bit anxious and paranoid, and you would like to do something for the greater good.

I’m here to tell you that the best thing you can do is to take care of yourself, your heart. If this is in peace, if this is in harmony, if this is able to find the light even though the moment may seem too dark, if you’re able to look at the situation and understand the gift that is being brought to you and not get caught up wrapping it then you will realize that this also serves you.

Shit can be something really ugly or very nourishing, depending on where you place it.

If you put it at the bottom of a tree then it’s great, it has a lot of nutrients and it will make the flowers and the trees grow a lot faster, fuller.

But if you just smear it all over your home it’s just gonna stink, so, shit itself is not bad or good, it’s just a matter of what you choose to do with it.

My invitation to you is stop smearing it over your mind, over your emotions, put it aside and figure out what kind of places can nourish me and how can i be nourished enough to then start taking care of those around me, my family, my community.

And then maybe one day, our society.

How to develop better relationships

How to develop better relationships

(From the ask Nico Series on YouTube: What is the most fundamental way to get better at relationships/women in general?)

The first thing that can make a big difference in the way that you relate to women is not separating them from; women and then people in general, you’re bound to get into a lot of toxic relationships or a very unhealthy way of relating when you think women are not people or you separate people in general.

Becoming good with women is no different than becoming good with people, what does it mean to be good with people? It means that probably people find you likable, charming, attractive, people trust you, people like your company and want more of it those people enjoy, cherish and try to spend time with you.

Becoming good with women is the same, it means that women trust you, they like being in your presence, they enjoy themselves when they’re with you and they look forward to being with you again.

Being good with women can be (depending on your intentions): sexual, romantic, mere friends, community.

Let’s get to the basics of what i used to teach when i was focused on getting into relationship coaching, first thing is: if you’re a social person you’re gonna welcome everyone into your sphere, but if you’re thinking that men and women deserve different treatments then it’s gonna be very difficult.

Suddenly you go through your day not being very social and then you see an attractive woman and you hope that the switch of charm, the switch of connection, the switch of social inclusiveness is gonna turn on, it doesn’t work that way.

If you don’t train yourself to be curious about the people in your life what makes you think that once you see an attractive woman that’s gonna come up.

Women are also people… it’s kind of sad that i have to remind this but, women, like men, enjoy people who are curious about them, who see them.

Do you consider yourself an attractive man? Assuming you’re a man. If not, why not? What can you stop doing and what do you think you should start doing?

A lot of men want attention from women, they want women to fall underneath for them but they themselves don’t feel that way, that reverence towards who they are, a lot of men live lives that are not very interesting, not very exciting and i’m not talking about living a life that is exciting for other people, i’m talking about living a life that is exciting for YOU.

If you’re not in love with your life, if you’re not passionate, excited, on a mission that makes you wake up full of energy and full of passion, what makes you think that a woman is gonna feel like that towards you or your life?

This may sound cheesy but, start with yourself, look at yourself in the mirror and be blunt be honest, what should you stop doing? If you’re out of shape then hey, maybe cut down the sugar, cut down all the carbs, all the nonsense that you’re eating, maybe you’re in good shape but you have a tendency to be shy, to be isolated. Open yourself up a little bit more, say yes to more invitations, smile a little bit more.

Maybe you’re good at connecting and meeting people but it doesn’t go anywhere and that may mean that there’s deeper blockages that you may want to work through.

Make your life attractive, fall in love with your life so much that the thought of whether a woman likes you or not is not surprising and you will find it in that space when you are full of passion and love for the life you’re living.

It would be almost inevitable for people around you (especially women) to also find you attractive.

This last one is very difficult for a lot of men, we’re raised in a society where you have to play games, you have to be “smooth“, “sneaky” around seduction.

My experience is that is the exact opposite, if you want a woman (not a girl, and this is a big distinction, girls like playing games you will see them little girls have toys they play pretend everything).

Then realize that a woman wants a man and one of the key things that differentiates a man from a boy is that: A man owns his desires, he’s honest about them, honesty is the way with which you shall live your relationships, if you want to become an attractive man and if you want to attract a woman.

Honesty means that you don’t misrepresent who you are or what you want out of that connection, honesty means that if you like her, you let her know.

Not in a needy way, you don’t place the weight of your unfulfilled expectations on her shoulders, no.

You can say “Hey, (maybe you met her at a party and you come to her) I find you quite intriguing and i would like to get to know you more.

That’s it.

She’ll say, “Yeah, sure.” then you can follow up with, “All right, how about we grab a drink or we go for a hike, friday morning.

You don’t need to hide that you like her, celebrate it, don’t be needy, be willing, able and excited to take NO for an answer.

It’s fine! – you don’t like all women, don’t expect all women to like you.

But be honest, don’t pretend you want to be her friend when you really want her, communicate your desires, at the same time, if you don’t want anything then don’t create false expectations.

Grouned Spirituality: A practical tip on finding God.

Grouned Spirituality: A practical tip on finding God.

Can i see God in everything that happens in my life from the moment i wake up? Can i thank that energy/source of creation for giving me another day of life? Before i go to sleep can i thank that i had another day of life and pray that i get another one?

A lot of people don’t wake up, when i drink some water, when i eat a meal.

Can i thank the source of creation for keeping me alive a few more days?

When i see someone that i can help…

Thank you God/Creation/Source of the universe for giving me the tools, the capacity and the sight to know there’s a problem and to be able to solve it.

Let’s say you work for somebody else, can you thank the universe that somebody decided to start that company and to hire you – pay you well?

The relationships with God shoulnd’t be ones of asking or demanding for stuff.

Because you’re just going to ask, from your limited ego whatever you want – you like women, you want more women, you want tits you want big tits, you like money you want more money, you like power you want more power.

I think if God/Source of creation/The creator was so smart and intelligent to create such a beautiful experience.

We wouldn’t come to that energy demanding, thinking we know better, we come there empty-handed, demanding the best, even with devotion and appreciation we take it.

Through our day, you look at a tree, you see God, you look at the person in the convenience store, you see God, you look at your client, you see God, you look at your boss, you look at a woman’s beautiful body, you see God.

This is a way in which we start developing a deeper relationship with the sacred, not by thinking that God is when i pray. God is when i meditate, God is when i drink plant medicine.

God is in everything that i do.

Can i cultivate or can i make this a moment-to-moment experience through the music that i listen to, the way i speak, the way that i walk, can everything be an offering to something higher?

The deepest possible leadership is when theres nothing left of you inside and you become an empty instrument of action for the will of creation.

I can tell you that it has been in those moments in my life when i’ve been able to reach a place of deep stillness, where my mind and my ego were put on the side, that i was the most effective in leading people, supporting them.

I was the most loving and the most present to the woman that mattered to me, it was in those moments where there was an upsurge of life, energy flowing through me, which was very blissful.

Those are the moments where we get a real sense of arrival.

Everything else is just spinning, the hamster wheel, spinning our own wheels.

But only when we’re able to surrender and let go of our very limited thinking and embrace maybe something bigger.

Only then can we be free, because we want freedom, but we sometimes don’t know that what we want to be most free from is our own selves.

That does not come through suicide, it does not come through self-hatred, it comes from reaching a point of bliss, such an internal fire that there’s nothing left from us.

It comes from letting go and letting that grow.

Not from women, not from money, not from achievements, not from helping people – that’s nice, it’s fun, it’s part of the game.

But this is in essence what we’re trying to move towards.